• Bundt & Raspberry

Level Ups:

  • Mallow [6]: HP (after Bundt fight)

Outside Area

(If you are at a Frog Coin deficit, go straight to the 2nd floor of the Inn and get the invisible chest above the bookcase.)

[CAMERA: Walk along the rightmost side of center staircase, jump over flower bushes]

Talk to rightmost Toad in front of chapel, then take back entrance.

Main Hall

[CAMERA: Enter the cutscene with the Snifit by walking on the 2nd black circle on the front of the carpet]


After the door to the main room closes in the save box room, exit and reenter, making sure not to talk to Koopa again after his little speech (this is faster than talking to the door)

(video credit: Mill)

Head back to Mushroom Kingdom.

(video credit: Mill)