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  • Bundt & Raspberry
Level Ups:
  • Mallow [6]: HP (after Bundt fight)

Outside Area
If you are at a Frog Coin deficit, go straight to the 2nd floor of the Inn and get the invisible chest above the bookcase.
Otherwise: [CAMERA: Walk along the rightmost side of center staircase, jump over flower bushes]

- Talk to rightmost Toad in front of chapel
- Take back entrance

Main Hall
[CAMERA: Enter the cutscene with the Snifit by walking on the 2nd black circle on the front of the carpet]

- After the door to the main room closes in the save box room, exit and reenter, making sure not to talk to Koopa again after his little speech (this is faster than talking to the door)
 BOSS BATTLE: Bundt (900 HP) & Raspberry (600 HP)
Party: Mario, Bowser, Geno
Mario: Punch Glove (パンチグローブ) (recommended), Work Pants (ばっちいパンツ), Amulet (ブッキーのおまもり)
Bowser: Work Pants (ばっちいパンツ)Fearless Pin (きょうふふせぎバッジ)
Geno: Finger Shot (フィンガーショット), Work Pants (ばっちいパンツ), Fearless Pin (きょうふふせぎバッジ)

Turn 1:
- Geno: Attack
- Bowser: Attack
- Mario: Attack
Turn 2:
- Geno: Attack
- Bowser: Attack (Dialogue)
- Mario: Red Essence (レッドヨッシーエキス) self
Turn 3:
- Geno: Attack (Candle phase starts)
- Bowser: Untimed attack
- Mario: Untimed attack
Turn 4+:
- Untimed attack with all characters until Raspberry phase starts (if Geno dies, revive him with Bowser; if Bowser is asleep, Able Juice (リフレッシュジュース) him with Geno)
Rest of turns (during Raspberry phase):
- Geno: Attack
- Bowser: Attack
- Mario: Jump (ジャンプ)

- It is imperative to block Chef attacks perfectly.
- Bowser can sometimes be left with 1 HP from phase 2 spells, so take no damage during phase 1.
- If you mistime an attack during the 1st phase, Defend with Mario & Bowser as needed, and then kill on Geno's next turn (to ensure you get as many free hits during the Candle phase as possible).
*Note: With Punch Glove, there is a chance you can mistime 1 attack and still enter the Candle Phase on the proper turn
If you freebie the Red Essence, you can sell it at Seaside to have more bombs to work with
- During phase 3: 
- Mario will die to Drain Beam if feared regardless of his HP. It will otherwise do 20 damage to him.
- Bowser will die to Drain Beam if he is at 27 hp or below if feared; 18 hp or below otherwise. Be careful of this since he is your tank for this fight.

- Head back to Mushroom Kingdom.