Land's End

Visit 1


    • Red Essence (optional)

Level Ups:

  • Mario [10]: SP (after Armored Ant fight)
    • Geno [10] ATK (after Armored Ant fight)
  • Mallow [9]: HP (after Armored Ant fight)
  • Bowser [11]: ATK (after Armored Ant fight)
  • Mario [11]: SP (after first star)
  • Mario [12]: ATK (after first star)
  • Peach [12]: SP (after first star)
  • Geno [11]: ATK (after first star)
    • Bowser [12]: ATK (after first star)
    • Mallow [10]: HP (after first star)
    • Mario [13]: SP (after second star)
    • Mallow [11]: HP (after second star)
    • Peach [13]: SP (after Belome)
    • Geno [12]: ATK (after Belome)


  • Armored Ant (x4)
  • Belome

- Skip Red Essence in first screen (fire all the way forward with the cannon)

[*Note: You can grab this for safety if you want, and use it during Czar, Countdown, or Smithy 2]

- In second room, move past the cannon to activate the hidden platform, and then shoot out of the cannon slightly before the first tick to land on it

- Jump at rotating flowers from the bottom, and wait for one "tick" before jumping (jump when pointing up and right)

- If you're having issues getting encounters in here, try slow movement.

- Can skip first 2 platforms after flower section with an angled jump

- Get the star underground. Do not death abuse. Kill all the enemies on the top floor + 2 geckos on bottom floor (11 exp per enemy).

- Note: If you fail to kill the last gecko with the 1st star, kill him with the 2nd star instead. Then kill 7 blue birds + Dodo with the Nimbus Palace star, instead of 6 + Dodo.

- This is likely what you will have to do if you got into any inescapable encounters up until this point, because Mario's running pauses will be longer during the Land's End star if you have extra EXP.

- 2nd star (6 exp per enemy): Kill the rest of the geckos

- Pay 100 coins to trampoline Shaman

- Talk to fortune teller man

- The correct statue order when receiving your fortune is Left -> Middle -> Right

- OPTIONAL: Hit 2nd 10-coin chest once (or more if you don't want to worry about vine coins)

- Reset elevator fortune until it displays the image below:


なんか たべてみたいんだな~)


(Mmm, I'm so hungry!

Wish I had something to eat!)

- Continue to Monstro Town.

Visit 2


  • Troopa Pin

- Traverse backward through Belome Temple and take the trampoline that you paid for earlier.

- Come out of the whirlpool and head to the cliff in the next room.

- Scale the cliff. You must complete it in under 12 seconds to receive the Troopa Pin (パタパタくんしょう).




Peach -> Bowser

Bowser: Hurly Glove (ぶんなげグローブ)

Geno: Super Suit (スーパージャンパー), Troopa Pin (パタパタくんしょう)

Peach & Bowser swap accessories (Safety Ring (セーフティーリング) on Bowser)