Kero Sewers


  • Flower (if did not get the K-9 jump flower)

  • Invincible Star #2

Level Ups:

  • Mario [3]: ATK (after Belome fight)


  • Belome

Room 1: Run directly right off the pipe, then down right to the end of the platform. Jump off the edge to minimize your time in the water. Enter the pipe.

Room 2: Jump down right from the pipe, and land directly on the pipe.

Room 3: Run down right and around the corner to the next pipe. You should be able to get there before the Boo sees you and moves.

Room 4: Get the flower from the chest if you missed the K-9 jump. Otherwise, just, jump up to the top pipe and enter it.

(video credit: Pidge)

Room 5-7: Invincibility Star

Get 8 rats.

(If you got 12 dogs for safety, don't worry if you miss the 8th rat. If you got 15 dogs and you miss the 8th rat, you can no longer miss any bombs in Moleville.)

(video credit: Lack)

Room 8-10: Grab the mushroom before going down the pipe. Save if you like.

(video credit: Mill)