Kero Sewers


  • Flower (if did not get the K-9 jump flower)
  • Invincible Star #2

Level Ups:

    • Mario [3]: ATK (after Belome fight)


  • Belome

Room 1: Run directly right off the pipe, then down right to the end of the platform. Jump off the edge to minimize your time in the water. Enter the pipe.

Room 2: Jump down right from the pipe, and land directly on the pipe.

Room 3: Run down right and around the corner to the next pipe. You should be able to get there before the Boo sees you and moves.

Room 4: Get the flower from the chest if you missed the K-9 jump. Otherwise, just, jump up to the top pipe and enter it.

Room 5: Invincibility Star

If you only got 10 dogs in Bandit's Way (optimal), you must get 8 rats:

If you got 12 dogs, don't get the final rat.

Room 7: Grab the mushroom before going down the pipe. Save if you like.