Inner Factory


    • 1 Rock Candy

Level Ups:

    • Mario [16]: SP (after Clerk)

    • Bowser [15]: HP (after Director)

    • Mallow [14]: HP (after Director)


    • Mad Mallet

    • Clerk

    • Manager

    • Director

    • Gunyolk & Factory Chief

    • Smithy 1

    • Smithy 2

After defeating Cloaker/Domino/Earthlink/Mad Adder, you will enter the final stage of the game. There are several difficult fights ahead, but if you have followed the EXP route and done all your menus, they won't be terrible.

Exit the shop menu immediately unless you need to buy healing items. Receive Rock Candy from Toad.

Move slightly to the left, then up into the next fight.

(video credit: Mill)

Enter the Gunyolk fight by going as left as possible into the battle trigger.

(video credit: Mill)

For Smithy 2, if you have at least 2 Fire Bombs / Rock Candies, you have the choice to gamble that Smithy transforms to Chest Head on the proper turn for a potential time save. This requires some setup.


You win!


Time for the run ends when the "D" appears in "The End" after the credits.