Forest Maze


  • 2 Kerokerocolas

  • 8 Frog Coins

  • 1 Red Essence

  • 1 Flower Box

Level Ups:

  • Mallow [4]: HP (after Bowyer)


  • Bowyer

Get KeroKeroCola in 1st room (left side)

(video credit: Mill)

Do 7x Wiggler Jumps for 63 coins & 7 Frog Coins.

(video credit: Lack)

(Note: You can opt to do fewer Wiggler Jumps if you plan on turning in the Wallet, grabbing one in the Marrymore Inn, or grabbing one from the Moleville Shy Guy cart. All of these options will net you fewer coins, and the latter two strats are slower.)

Note - it is slightly faster to jump on one of the Wigglers in the Wiggler hoard area, but it is not recommended due to the randomness of their patterns

Get frog coin in room after 1st underground section (upper left)

(video credit: Mill)

Get KeroKeroCola behind sleeping Wiggler

(video credit: Sean)

Get Red Essence right after save box (upper right)

Follow Geno

  • Bottom right

  • Upper right

  • Upper right

  • Bottom right

  • Upper right

  • Upper left

[CAMERA: Up-right, then up-left entering Bowyer cutscene]

(video credit: Mill)

In case your battle gets really screwed up, it's important to know that Bowyer's button locks are based on the choices you make in battle.

A counter is kept for the duration of 2 turns, at the end of which he will lock a button.

Bowyer drops a Flower Box.