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Forest Maze

  • 2 Kerokerocolas
  • 8 Frog Coins
  • 1 Red Essence
  • 1 Flower Box
Level Ups: 
  • Mallow [4]: HP (after Bowyer)
  • Bowyer

- Get KeroKeroCola in 1st room (left side)
- Jump on Wiggler 7x for 63 coins & 7 Frog Coins

- Align Mario by running right towards the nook in the bushes

- Slightly after the Wiggler turns his head (going either up or down), jump on his head. After this initial jump, hit slight left. Ride the Wiggler for about 5 more jumps, then adjust inputs accordingly based on the position of Mario's shadow.

Wiggler Jumpin' by SeanCass

Forest Maze - Wiggler Jumps

*Note - it is slightly faster to jump on one of the Wigglers in the Wiggler hoard area, but it is not recommended due to the randomness of their patterns

- Get frog coin in room after 1st underground section (upper left)
- Get KeroKeroCola behind sleeping Wiggler

Kero Behind Wiggler Trick by SeanCass

- Get Red Essence right after save box (upper right)
- Follow Geno
- Bottom right
- Upper right
- Upper right
- Bottom right
- Upper right
- Upper left

 BOSS BATTLE: Bowyer (720 HP)

Party: Mario, Mallow, Geno
Mario: Hammer (ハンマー), Shirt (ふつうのつなぎ), Jump Shoes (かいてんシューズ)
Mallow: None
Geno: None

Turn 1:
- Geno: Geno Beam (60)
- Mario: Defend
- Mallow: Energizer (ツヨクナール) Geno (hit right on item menu)
Turn 2:
Geno: Geno Beam (90)
Mario: Defend
Mallow: Honey Syrup (ハニーシロップ)
Remainder of turns:
Geno: Geno Beam (ジーノビーム) (90) 5 times until you run out of MP; Attack (60) afterwards
- Mario: Defend
- Mallow: Defend

Mario & Mallow are not needed at all past the first two turns. If you are keen enough to see which target Bowyer will hit with his arrow, feel free to not block and let them die.

In case your battle gets really screwed up, it's important to know that Bowyer's button locks are based on the choices you make in battle.
A counter is kept for the duration of 2 turns, at the end of which he will lock a button.

Action Addition to counter
Normal attack (A) +4
 Special attack (Y) +2 
Item (X) or Defend (B) +0

Counter total after 2 turns Action taken
0-5Lock X
6-15Lock Y
16+Lock A

Bowyer drops a Flower Box.