Booster Tower


  • 1 Flower Tab

  • 8 Frog Coins

  • Goodie Bag

  • Amulet


    • Knife Guy & Grate Guy

Booster Tower is mostly platforming.

Take 2nd option when prompted to skip the Switch tutorial.

Get Frog Coin in upper right corner of 2nd room

(video credit: Mill)

Get Flower Tab in back corner of 3rd room.

Skip the green exclamation switch.

Get Frog Coin in lower left corner of room after Thwomp see-saw room.

Get Frog Coin in the crevice in same area.

(video credit: Sean)

Get all Frog Coins in the checkerboard room.

NOTE: You cannot run from encounters in the Checkerboard Room.

Each big red square in the image below has 1 encounter. Stepping on any tile in the red square will trigger it. Avoid the red tiles.

If you're not comfortable with the movement in this room, make a safety save a few rooms earlier and reset if you trigger an encounter.

If you accidentally trigger an encounter and didn't make a safety save, have Geno defend, Mario defend, and Mallow use untimed Thunderbolt. Your EXP route should still be OK to do both Skill Swaps later, but you may have more difficulty with the Land's End star.

(image credit: pidge)

Skip the chests in the save room, and begin the curtain minigame.

Do not fail curtain minigame and automatically receive Amulet.

This order never changes.

(video credit: Mill)

From here, you will be setting up to perform the Rock Candy Manip during the Knife Guy / Grate Guy fight.

NOTE: If doing the 4 RC manip strat, do this menu after opening the chests. Otherwise, you can do it immediately like in the video.

Backtrack to the previous room, get Goodie Bag (ふくぶくろ, hidden chest above visible one) and Frog Coin (visible chest) in last room before curtain room.

Get the mushroom in the bottom right corner if you triggered an encounter in the Checkerboard room and opted to fight and continue.

(video credit: Justin-credible)

Save and soft reset. Be careful of how you save, as the timing of when you land on the save box influences which type of manipulation you can do.