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Bean Valley

  • Megasmilax

Screen 1:
- Hold up right until underneath bee's shadow, then slight left and into pipe

Screen 2:
- Hug northern wall

Bee Dodging by SeanCass


Party: Mario, Bowser, Geno
Mario: Troopa Shell (パタパタこうら), Work Pants (ばっちいパンツ), Exp. Booster (あなたをこえたくて)
Bowser: Hurly Gloves (ぶんなげグローブ), Work Pants (ばっちいパンツ), Safety Ring (セーフティーリング)
Geno: Double Punch (スーパーダブルパンチ), Super Suit (スーパージャンパー), Troopa Pin (パタパタくんしょう)

Phase 1:
- Attack
Phase 2:
- Attack
- Attack (NOTE: If Bowser did less than 100 damage, you can do 5 super jumps instead to guarantee a kill)
- Attack
Phase 3:
- Ice Bomb (こおりだま)
Phase 4:
- Ice Bomb (こおりだま)
- Attack until dead (2 Geno attacks + 1 Koopa attack with good rolls; 2 Geno attacks + 2 Koopa attacks otherwise)


- If you mistime Koopa's Hurly Glove attack (less than 98) during the 2nd phase of Megasmilax, do 8 SJs with Mario to kill it
- If for some reason you do not have 2 Ice Bombs for Megasmilax, you can use a Fire Bomb (かえんだま) on the 3rd phase instead. Then attack with Mario, then with Geno, and then finish the 3rd cycle with Koopa like you normally would.
- Or, if you don't have an Ice Bomb for the Megasmilax phase, you can attack the left Smilax with Mario, attack the right Smilax with Geno, and then attack the left Smilax with Bowser. Then attack Megasmilax until dead.
- If the Smilax puts Mario to sleep during the 2nd phase, kill the Smilax with Geno instead. Then use an Ice Bomb on Koopa's next 2 turns, and then attack on his 3rd turn (Geno still attacks Megasmilax throughout).
- You can block Megasmilax and Smilax physical attacks, but it's OK if you miss them.

- Climb the vines quickly

Bean Valley - Vines


Vines by SeanCass

Skipping the bird
(Thanks to Mill)