Barrel Volcano


  • Flower (optional)

Level Ups:

  • Geno (will have Peach's sprite in level up screen) [13]: ATK (after Corkpedite)
  • Peach (will have Geno's sprite in level up screen) [14]: SP (after star)
  • Mallow [12]: HP (after star)
  • Mario [15]: SP (after Corkpedite)


  • Czar Dragon / Zombone
  • Axem Rangers

- Get underneath Star in the Volcano, jump and then IMMEDIATELY OPEN THE MENU!




Geno -> Peach

Mario & Peach swap accessories (Attack Scarf (ジャンパースカーフ) on Peach to get Exp. Booster (あなたをこえたくて) on Mario)

If you don't have 3+ ice bombs (こおりだま) and at least 1 Fire Bomb (かえんだま) for Axems:

Peach & Mario swap armor (Work Pants (ばっちいパンツ) on Mario to get Super Suit (スーパージャンパー) on Peach)

- Kill 8 enemies (11 exp per enemy)

- For 3rd room w/ star, hold up in the corner until skeleton on the left walks toward you, then straight jump up

- It's ok to miss some enemies if your movement is a little off.

- You want 8 enemies to guarantee Mario will be level 15 for Czar Dragon, which is optimal. If he is only 14 for Czar and Axems the run can still go on.

- Shocker may be on the 2nd page of Peach's specials now. If so, it will cost 2 FP per use (but you still need 8 FP stocked to use it).

- In fireball room after star runs out, hug leftmost wall for good alignment, and then just jump across (you can't get hit)

- Get flower in room with save box if you have 28 or less

- In room before Corkpedite, hug rightmost wall and jump over


Party: Mario, Bowser, Peach


Mario: Mega Glove (でかパンチグローブ), Super Suit (スーパージャンパー) or Work Pants (ばっちいパンツ), Exp. Booster (あなたをこえたくて)

Bowser: Hurly Gloves (ぶんなげグローブ), Work Pants (ばっちいパンツ), Troopa Pin (パタパタくんしょう)

Peach: Super Suit (スーパージャンパー) or Work Pants (ばっちいパンツ)

If 3+ Ice Bombs remaining and 1 Fire bomb for Axems:

- Ice Bomb (こおりだま) with Bowser


- Geno Blast (ジーノブラスト) with Peach




Attack Scarf (ジャンパースカーフ) on Mario

If Mario and Peach swapped armor before Corkpedite:

Mario and Peach swap armor (Work Pants (ばっちいパンツ) on Peach)

Peach: Exp. Booster (あなたをこえたくて)

Geno: Feather (ドドのはね)

Bowser -> Peach

Peach -> Geno

- Use Maple Syrup (メイプルシロップ) in the menu if you're low on Ice Bombs for Czar and aren't confident in Super Jumps, especially if you used Geno Blast for Corkpedite.

- If you accidentally get into an encounter with a Stumpet, you cannot run. Have Mario untimed attack Mite (or Ice Bomb if you have a freebie), Geno Whirl (ジーノカッター) stumpet, Bowser defend, and Mario attack Mite after Valor Up. Do not play the Lucky Yoshi egg minigame.

- Talk to Hinopio from the upper-left to enter his cave, don't buy anything, then proceed across the bridge...



Mario and Bowser exchange armor (Super suit (スーパージャンパー) on Bowser)

Bowser: Unequip weapon

***Don't do this menu if you have no Rock Candies.