Bandit's Way


  • KeroKeroCola (hidden chest)

  • Invincible Star #1

  • Flower (optional from K-9 jump)

Level Ups:

  • Mario [2]: SP (after star)

  • Mallow [3]: ATK (after Croco fight)


  • Croco 1

Screen 1:

Avoid the 2 Spinys as you take the bottom route. You can run past the first Spiny, but will have to avoid the second one by jumping or running around him. The only save box in Bandit's Way is here as well.

(video credit: Mill)

Screen 2:

Your introduction to spinning flowers. Mario's initial facing position is dependent on where you land on the flower.

I have found the most consistency by landing on the bottom right of the flower, which will make Mario's initial position face north. To land on the plateau, you need to shoot up/right or to the right. You must use the yellow blocks to get onto the next plateau.

You'll notice coins between the yellow blocks. You can choose to skip these coins as each one takes 20-30 frames longer than skipping them, but the coin route is tight so it's up to you if you want to grab them for safety or not.

Jump around the first coin to avoid the rest of the coins. When you are on the 2nd plateau, you will need to use the spinning flower to collect a KeroKeroCola. Do this by jumping off the flower directly to the right (towards the purple flower). To get the right-facing position immediately, land on the top left of the flower.

(video credit: Lack)

Screen 3:

Chase Croco. Jump over the first Goomba directly north of the entrance, then hold up until you get to the last section with the Spiny, where you will have to jump over him to avoid him.

(video credit: Mill)

Screen 4:

This is a tricky screen with the invincibility star and the floating chest with a flower. The flower is optional as there is another flower available later that does not affect your route. Aside from the flower, the goal here is to kill 10 K-9's with the star to setup your experience route. The star gives you 1 exp per hit.

It's not mandatory, but try to go for Doge Jump to get the second chest.

You can also choose to get 12 dogs in case you're worried about missing 1 rat in the Sewers later, or 15 dogs if you're worried about missing 1 bomb in the Mines later. However, you cannot accommodate both.

(video credit: Lack)

Screen 5: Croco Showdown

The final area in Bandit's Way is where you will encounter Croco. You must talk to him from behind so he doesn't see you 3 times. There are encounters you can get into here. You won't hit the Troopas if you don't jump, but the Goombas will jump out of the bushes and hit you. Avoid these and you will then fight Croco.

After Croco, jump on the trampoline and exit to the north. If you want to do a quick save for Mack Skip, you can save here, but if you are still struggling, save in Mushroom Kingdom Inn.

(video credit: Mill)

When you leave Bandit's Way, move Mario to Mushroom Way on the Map first, then go back into Mushroom Kingdom. This will put Mario on the left side of the map, saving walking time. If you are saving in the Inn, go straight to Mushroom Kingdom.