Timed Hits

----> Timed Hits <----

by twitch.tv/caerulius and twitch.tv/trogdor

    • Features complete frame data for all enemy physical attacks and party weapons and offense specials from Peach Chart.
      • (Accidental encounters not covered; specials with multiple or held inputs like Super Jumps, Fire Orb, Geno Beam, and Terrorize not covered)
    • UPDATE: You can now practice timed hits in your browser. pidge has added a feature where you can press any key on your keyboard during the timed hit video, and it will tell you how well you did. (Frame-perfect accuracy is not guaranteed and it may not work on mobile)

May not work in Firefox. Chrome recommended.

If there is any inaccurate or missing data, please notify pidge as she is currently hosting it.

(Original, hosted by Caerulius)

All party weapons have a 7 frame window for perfect (2x multiplier) timing. The position of this frame window depends on the weapon. The 7 frame window is surrounded on either side by another frame window that applies a half-time or 1.5x multiplier.

If you think Super Slap is weird, you're right. It has the 7 frame window like every other attack, but the preceding half time buffer is only about 2 frames instead of 8.

All blockable enemy attacks have a 5 frame window for perfect (0x) timing, which are also surrounded by frame windows on either side for 0.5x timing.

Party special frame windows vary.