Super Jumps

The first jump does NOT count toward your total. It will look like 101 jumps but only counts as 100. The game forces you to stop at 100.

The frame window for landing the jump gets progressively smaller until you hit 13 jumps. After the 13th jump, the remaining jumps all have a 3 frame (1/20 of a second) window to land.

(The input window ENDS at the same time for all 100 jumps, but BEGINS at a different frame for the first 13 jumps.)

If you are trying this technique on an emulator, good luck. Missed super jumps on emulators are more common due to inconsistent frame rates.

If you drop jumps in a battle where Super Jumps are used only for damage output and not for the reward of Super Suit (such as Boomer, Earthlink, Smithy, etc), you can usually just do Super Jumps again to make up however many you had left. When you start Super Jumps the second time, remember that the first jump every time you initiate the jumps does not count toward your total. The uncounted first jump also does the damage output equivalent of 8 super jumps. That means if you need to do 47 super jumps, but you drop at 20 and had 27 remaining, your next round of jumps should be going for 19, not 27.

You must get 100 Super Jumps at least once in Peach Chart as the Super Suit is required, ideally in the Johnny fight. However, dropping jumps on Johnny is not a run-killer (unless you're trying to PB and losing time from dropping). You can attempt Super Jumps as many times as you want in a run, it does not matter which enemy you get them on.

Once you figure out the rhythm, keeping it is entirely a mental task. How you maintain your consistency is up to you. SMRPG runners have all sorts of weird placebos that help them mentally with keeping the rhythm, and discovering yours is half the battle. When starting out, you may struggle with things like: having your rhythm thrown off by blinking, eye irritation from not blinking, anxiety over losing count of your jumps, tension and nervousness while hitting higher jump counts, second-guessing yourself during jumps, early rushed button presses out of excitement when close to 100, and mistimed presses out of frustration with learning the technique. All of this is completely normal and common, and you will overcome it with practice. Remember, if you get 14 or more, you've already figured out the frame window once, so you know how to get 100. Keep practicing, you will be consistent! But remember to take breaks, they help.

You can use any of the A, B, Y, or X buttons to do Super Jumps. Pick whichever you're comfortable with.

Do not attempt Super Jumps with Jump Shoes equipped. First of all, the animation looks very different and it is extremely difficult to use a visual cue with Jump Shoes on, but most importantly, the dog in Monstro Town will NOT track your Super Jumps if you have Jump Shoes. You can get 100 and it won't even register.

Super Jump metronome by kryssstal (click to download)

The following battles use Super Jumps:

    • Johnny (100 - required for Super Suit. He will die if you drop at 95 or higher)
    • Belome 2 (100 if you missed 100 on Johnny, 57-59 otherwise depending on Geno attack damage RNG)
    • Jagger (optional fight -- get 100 here if you missed 100 on Johnny and Belome, then run away)
    • Czar Dragon (24 if you have 1 ice bomb, 42-43 otherwise depending on damage rolls)
      • If you have 2 ice bombs, you do not use Super Jumps.
    • Boomer (47)
    • Machine Made Yaridovich (20 if you freebied a Rock Candy, 25 otherwise)
    • Earthlink (64)
      • NOTE: The time window between SJs is slightly longer for Earthlink and the rhythm will be marginally slower.
    • Director (39)
    • Smithy 1 (69-71 depending on Mario attack damage RNG)
    • Smithy 2
      • Optimal: 100 on turn 2, 95 or 96 on turn 3 depending on party attack RNG