Memorization Practice App

Version 1.2 for Android by pidgezero_one

>>> Click here to download APK <<<

Install Instructions

***This app needs to be sideloaded. It will NEVER be released on Play Store.***

    • This will depend on your Android version, but first you have to go into settings > personal > security
    • Turn on "allow apps from other sources to be installed" or something along those lines.
    • Then, on your phone browser, click the download link above (it is hosted on my personal dropbox)
    • Open it when it finishes downloading and it should prompt you to install.
    • As a security precaution you can go back into your settings afterwards and turn off "allow apps from other sources"

If you don't own an android device but still want to use it, try installing Bluestacks or Andy on your PC, which emulates an Android phone. Recommend Android version 5.0 or higher. Install guides for these emulators is outside the scope of this wiki page, but they're not difficult to use.

If you had the app installed before and can't reinstall, and if you have Developer Tools enabled on your phone and adb installed on your computer, plug your phone into your computer and open Command Prompt and run "adb uninstall com.ionicframework.smrpg320636"

Feature List, or "Why should I install this thing?"

This app is designed to help you memorize information and puzzles that are easy to forget.

Recommended for new runners, or any runner who can't read Japanese but wants that precious 9 minute time save.

An intro to Japanese symbol recognition can be found here.

Current features:

    • J quiz practice, similar to
    • U quiz practice, in case you haven't switched to J yet
    • Japanese item name flashcards (Peach Chart ONLY -- NSS items like Crystalline and Energizer are not covered)
    • Dr. Topper Marathon game practice (English and Japanese)
    • Ball Solitaire practice (may need to double click to drag if emulating)
    • Dr. Topper Coin box minigame practice
    • Star Hill flower order practice
    • Japanese to English item translations (filtered to Peach Chart by default, but can show all items in the game)
    • Static list of menus in Peach chart (excluding battle menus)
    • Static list of rules for level up bonuses (available for Peach Chart, No SS, and Beginner routes)


If you have an idea for another minigame I could add, or if you have found a bug, you can grab my attention in the SMRPG discord.

I don't currently have any plans to add No Super Suit or Safe Strats filters to the item list, item flashcards, or menu simulator, but maybe in the distant future I will consider it. If you're practicing this stuff outside of grinding the actual game, chances are you're getting Pretty Serious and should really just switch to peach chart anyway.

I will not add a super jump simulator. That will hurt more than it will help.

Can you release this for iOS?

I wish. I intentionally wrote the code to work on many platforms, but I don't own a Mac and no other operating systems can compile for iOS.

What about Windows Phone?

I'll probably release this at some point but have no way to test it.

What about Blackberry?

If you're running Blackberry 10, you can install the Android app linked above. There are plenty of guides out there on how to do this, so go nuts! If you're running anything older than 10 though you're outta luck, go with the emulator.

Is this open source?

I guess so

Version history

22/03/2017 1.2: In addition to choosing an English name for a Japanese item in the flashcard game, you can also choose a Japanese name for an English item. Fixed a broken image in Topper Quiz.

20/03/2017 1.1: Item name practice uses game font and has been updated for Peach Chart 1.08. Menu list and level guide updated for Peach Chart 1.08.

05/03/2017 1.0.5: J quiz now includes screenshots. Thanks to Caerulius for giving permission to use these.

28/09/2016 0.2: Modified all multiple choice practice games to prevent repeating until all questions have been attempted. (Resets on screen change.)

11/09/2016 0.1.1: Added Japanese item name flashcard game. Added quiz option to repeat the question if answer was wrong. Fixed some incorrect info in menu index.

30/07/2016 0.0.2: I screwed up the level chart for beginner route

25/07/2016 0.0.1: Initial release