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Bowser Door Manip

This page is outdated. Please refer to the Nimbus Land section of the World Areas to see new information about Nimbus Manip..

In Bowser's Keep, you must complete 4 of the 6 obstacle course doors. The arrangement of the obstacle courses is random. The RNG counter for this runs while you are inside areas, but not on the overworld map, and the doors are set as soon as you enter Bowser's Keep. Therefore we can manipulate the RNG by saving the game file close to the Keep entrance and resetting the game.

There are two ways you can accomplish this.

Mario's Pad Manip (Beginner)

Mario's Pad Manip is free. It is very difficult to do it incorrectly.

- After returning to Bowser's Keep, leave immediately and return to Mario's Pad (pass Vista Hill on your right now that the world map has been reconnected).
- Save at Mario's Pad and then soft reset (L + R + Start + Select)
- Hold Y, down, and right, then do a quick down input (OR hold Y and Down, and then Y+Down+Right when you reach the end of the trees before the exit) to manipulate Battle Doors to 3 & 6
- Go to Bowser's Keep. DO NOT ENTER VISTA HILL! If you enter Vista Hill you must reset and try again.
- Once you get to the bowser doors, the doors you want are 1, 2, 4, and 5.

Nimbus Manip (Expert)

Nimbus Manip is ~16 seconds shorter than Mario's Pad Manip, but is much more difficult.

Nimbus Manip does NOT work on emulator due to music sync issues. Nimbus Manip has only been tested on SNES.

After the short cutscene with Mallow's parents following Barrel Volcano, go back to the save point near where you escaped Dodo's statue minigame and save & soft reset (L + R + Start + Select)

Reload your file.
In the save room, run left.
In the next room, run left,
In the main hallway, run down-left.
Outside the castle, run left until you hit the corner, then run up-left.
In the bus area, run up and up-left and talk to the bus mechanic immediately.
You must then clear the final text box during a 7-frame window to successfully perform Nimbus Manip.

Nimbus Land - Bowser Door Manipulation

The frame window is determined with an audio flowchart: Flowchart (J) | Flowchart (U)

However, if you're not comfortable with audio cues, follow Claude's setup video which explains a supplementary visual cue. (J version only)

Go to Bowser's Keep and do not leave. Proceed to the 6 doors.

Each of the 7 frames you can clear the text box has a different arrangement of doors that can be determined with a flowchart.

Japanese Door Flowchart   English Door Flowchart
  • Go in Door 5
    • If Coin Box:
      • Complete, then go in door 4
        • If Invis:
          • Also do doors 2, 3
        • If Platform:
          • Also do doors 1, 3
        • If Quiz:
          • Complete, then go in door 6
            • If Invis:
              • Also do door 1
            • If Platform:
              • Also do door 2
    • If Quiz:
      • Complete, then go in door 3
        • If Invis:
          • Also do doors 2, 6
        • If Platform:
          • Also do doors 1, 6
  • Go in Door 6
    • If Platform:
      • Complete, then do doors 1, 2, 4
    • If Invis:
      • Complete, then do doors 1, 2, 3
    • If Coin Box:
      • Complete, then go in door 4
        • If Platform or Invis:
          • Complete, then do doors 1, 3
        • If Quiz:
          • Complete, then do door 5
            • If Platform:
              • Also do door 2
            • If Invis:
              • Also do door 3

If you did the Nimbus manip wrong, the full chart of door combinations is here. (J version only)