The Super Mario RPG Randomizer is now a web-based program available at http://randomizer.smrpgspeedruns.com.  You can randomize character stats, item drops, enemy formations, monsters, shops, equipment stats and equippability, character spell stats, and character spell lists.  Open Mode is a new non-linear game mode inspired by randomizers such as FF4 Free Enterprise where the world is open from the start and your progress around the world is in a non-linear fashion.  More details are available on the website!

You have three options for running the randomizer:
This section will attempt to explain how to generate a randomized ROM and how to play it using various methods.  Follow the steps in the table of contents above to randomize a ROM, and optionally install it on your Wii.

Big thanks to pidgezero_one for the initial work on how to install Wii homebrew and WAD injection!  The steps explained on the wiki are a bit newer and easier when it comes to installing the Wii stuff and include US wad injection which wasn't known before, but she did a lot of the initial work on figuring all this out.  Her original video for reference is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7q0EC9AOoE