Low Level

Do not attempt this category.

Finishing the game at the lowest level possible. Mario will be at Level 3 at the end of the game. 

To do this, you must acquire the Lucky Jewel/Lucky Hammer as early as possible to force the shell game at the end of each required battle. You then must lose all of your experience in the shell game before being able to progress. 

Each shell game is a 33% random chance to pick the 'Wrong' option to lose all EXP. However, there are 2 types of the shell game, one is to double your coins and the other is to double EXP. 

-In required battles where coins are rewarded, the odds go down to 1/6 (~16%). 
-One set of battles is the Boomer/Exor fight, where you cannot save in between. Boomer the 1/6 chance of succeeding due to coins/EXP, and Exor has just EXP. Combined, it is a 1/18 chance of progressing (6.25%).

Again, do not attempt this category.

Chrescendo's notes for the current route

Updated 3/17/17