Beat the game from start to finish. Use any glitches/skips available to beat Smithy and get the D.

The majority of this wiki focuses on the Any% 2.00 (Optimal) route. If you want to try a less difficult (but slower) route, there are options in the Beginner's Guide.

The current version of the route is outlined in the pastebin (Any% 2.00 by Claude), which is broken down by section in the World Areas section of the wiki.

NOTE: The video below covers the previous version of the route (Peach Chart 1.0x), not the current version! It is still good to watch. The general concepts and movement through areas is still the same.

The above video by LackAttack24 thoroughly explains the execution and necessity of all of the strategies in the previous route from start to finish.

A SD2SNES save file pack is available. Put the "SMRPG 2019 SAVES" in the root directory, and the files of the "Put These Files in sd2snes Saves Folder" in the sd2snes Saves folder. These are not save states.

A save state pack of the current route is available for Bizhawk, and an old save state pack of the previous route is available for SNES9x, for segment practice, if you use SNES9x. Emulator is generally not recommended for learning super jumps.

There is only 1 leaderboard for any%. Regardless of your version, route choice, or console choice, your final time is your final time and there are no conversions. J-conversion for U runs is no longer accepted.