Research Tools

Want to contribute to SMRPG research, in any route or category? Feel free to use some of these tools:

Lazy Shell editor

Download here. A very robust SMRPG rom editor that you can use to investigate just about anything in the game.

Damage calculator

Damage/EXP Calculator by pidge. The damage calculator lets you provide info about your character's levelup history, current equipment, and who they're fighting. Covers pretty much any battle scenario in the game.

EXP route calculator

Damage/EXP Calculator by pidge. The EXP calculator lets you fill out a sequence of events (battles, stars, and characters joining), as well as who has the EXP booster at any given time, to show you where everyone's EXP is at any point in the route. You can choose which enemies are present in each battle so that it can accurately calculate your EXP gain.

Coins & EXP spreadsheet

SMRPG EXP coin tables by cyghfer. Used heavily by Claude in route calculations. To use, make a copy, and fill out according to your own experimentation.

Route Auditing Spreadsheet

Route Auditing Spreadsheet by pidge. This is a massive spreadsheet that tracks your inventory, equipment, coins, FP, EXP, character stats, etc etc, and will indicate to you when your routing might have continuity issues, missing coins, insufficient exp, too much items in your inventory, and the like.

Bowser Door Manip Spreadsheet

Bowser Door Manip Spreadsheet by swinch. Full documentation of Bowser Door arrangements according to frames elapsed since power-on. Use this if you would like to try and discover new manip methods, frame windows, or visual cues.