32. Barrel Volcano

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Screen One

    • Head left and jump up the stairs. Follow the arrow signs to the next room.

Screen Two

    • Jump up the stairs fast to avoid the dry bones and keep going past the rock enemy.

Screen Three

    • Grab the flower in the chest when you first enter the room.
    • Keep heading right. Ignore the second chest, it only has coins and we don't need them.

Screens Four, Five and Six

      • Grab the star from the first chest here and try to run through the next two screens with it. Definitely kill the Corkpedite, and try to kill the dry bones to avoid the platforming battles.

Screen Seven

    • Keep running up, avoiding the little rock dudes.

Screen Eight

    • Jump across the platforms avoiding the jumping fireballs.

Screen Nine

    • Run around the lava jumping over the dry bones on this screen.

Screen Ten - Lower

    • Head left and jump over the spineys, but don't jump too close to the Stumpet on the upper level or you can actually hit it!

Screen Eleven (Save Block)

    • Hit the first chest on the way up the stairs here for a flower, and save if you need to.

Screen Ten - Upper

    • Stay to the back of the wall to avoid the Stumpet and head right.

Screen Twelve

    • Jump up the stairs quickly here in order to pass the dry bones before it wakes up. Watch out for the spineys as well.

Screen Thirteen

    • Head up the stairs and fight the Corkpedite blocking your way.


    • Mario Attack the Spikey.
    • Timed Geno Whirl on the Body (9999 damage instant kill)
    • The head part should die automatically. If it does not, Defend on the next turn, it will die.

Screen Fourteen (Stump Skip)

    • You can avoid the fight with the stump if you move correctly here:
      • Go below and line yourself up below the first rock clump. Jump over the space right below that rock clump to avoid the trigger.
      • For the second smaller rock clump, you need to jump over it from above so you're between the rock and stump.
    • If you hit the Stump, use Geno Whirl on the Stump and finish the other two enemies off with attacks.

Remaining Screens (Hino-mart)

    • Climb up to the top and talk to Hinopio.
    • If you need to heal from some encounters, rest at the inn at the middle counter in Hino-mart.
    • Switch Peach in for Bowser.
  • Equip Peach:
    • Safety Ring
  • Equip Geno:
    • Amulet
  • Equip Mario:
    • Troopa Pin
    • After leaving, safety save here before continuing.
    • Jump across the platforms avoiding the lava balls and it's time to fight...

Czar Dragon

Phase One

Ice Bomb Strats (If you have 2 Ice Bombs)

    • Mario Attack, Geno use Geno Boost on Peach, Peach uses an Ice Bomb.
    • Mario Attack, Geno use Geno Boost on self, Peach uses an ice Bomb (dies).

Normal Strats

    • Geno Boost Mario, Mario Attack every turn, Peach use Group Hug when needed, if not defend.
    • Geno Boost himself after, then attack every turn after that. That’s it!
      • If Czar uses Water Blast twice, the battle will go slow because Geno will die. If he uses Flame Wall twice, Mario will die.

Phase Two - Zombone

    • Mario and Geno Attack, Peach Group Hug if needed or defend otherwise.
    • This takes about 3 hits with Mario and 2 hits with Geno.

After Battle

  • EQUIP Mario:
    • Amulet
  • EQUIP Geno:
    • Troopa Pin
  • Head to the next room, get the star...oh wait.
  • Climb, climb, climb!

Axem Rangers

Ice Bomb Strat (faster)

  • Geno uses Rare Candy, Mario uses Ultra Jumps on Yellow Ranger, Peach uses Ice Bomb.
  • *Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Green Ranger fall*
  • Geno attack Pink Ranger *Pink Ranger falls*, Mario attacks red ranger (if he does not die here, attack again).
  • Finish off the Zord with attacks, use Peach to heal, pick me up, and group hug when needed.

No Bombs (slower by at least 1 minute)

  • Geno Boost Mario, Mario attacks Pink Ranger (Pink Ranger Falls), Peach always heals or defends.
  • Geno Boost himself, Mario attacks Green Ranger (Green Ranger falls)
  • Geno attack the Black Ranger, Mario use Ultra Jump on the Yellow Ranger.
  • Have Geno keep attacking the Black Ranger until he falls.
  • Mario now does normal attack on Red.
  • Finish off the Yellow Ranger.
  • Finish off the Zord with attacks, use Peach to heal, pick me up, and group hug when needed.

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