29. Bean Valley

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Screen One

    • Switch the party to Mario/Peach/Geno.
  • EQUIP Mario:
    • Troopa Pin
  • EQUIP Geno:
    • Amulet
  • EQUIP Peach:
    • TrueForm Pin
  • Enter the right pipe on this screen.

Screen Two

    • Head left to the next pipe while avoiding the bees.

Screen Three

    • Head up-left to the next screen.

Screen Four (Five Pipes)

    • Head past all the pipes.
    • Save if you need to, then head up to the next screen to fight...


Phase 1 (1plant)

    • Mario Attacks

Phase 2 (2 plants)

    • Geno Boost Mario, Peach defend, Mario Attack.
    • Geno Boost Geno, Peach defend, Mario Attack.

Phase 3 (3 plants)

    • Geno use Ice Bomb

Phase 4 MegaSmilax

    • Peach use Ice Bomb
    • *Petal Blast*
    • Everyone use Attacks to finish off Megasmilax, Peach use Group Hug to get people out of Mushroom State.
    • After the fight, pick up the SEED that falls at the top of the screen and head down the pipe.
    • Bop the brick block to grow the vine, then again to climb into the clouds.


    • Climb straight up the first cloud screen.
    • On the second screen, take the red vine on the left first to grab a flower chest, then head back down and up the right vine to keep going.
    • Third screen, climb all the way up to reach Nimbus Land. Take the left spring to reach the town, the right one is the exit.

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