26. Land's End

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Screen One

    • On the first screen, use the cannon to shoot yourself on to the moving yellow platform. Do this by shooting yourself about half a second after entering the cannon, before it actually tilts forward.
    • Jump slightly north at the blocks peek of being up to grab the Red Essence in the hidden box.

Screen Two

    • Before you jump in the cannon, run to the middle of the open space after it and jump to reveal a hidden platform.
    • Now use the cannon to shoot yourself onto this platform instead of the ledge. The timing should be basically the same as the previous screen's cannon. This will avoid having to land in the hold and spawn a bunch of monsters.
    • If you mistime the shot and land in the hole, just try to jump out and run from any monsters you encounter.


Screen Three

    • Proceed up-right and jump across the ledges while avoiding the geckos. If you're fast, you can go right as the first gecko is about to walk off and make it across without hitting anything.
    • If you fall off, you'll need to use the cannon in the bottom left to get back up and try again.

Screen Four

    • You need to use the red spinning flowers to launch yourself up-right to each successive ledge while avoiding the bees.
    • The direction you begin facing when spinning on the flower appears to be related to where you land when you jump on it. Try to land on the bottom or bottom-right of the flower. This should start you facing directly up or up-left, which means you wait a minimal amount of time before jumping to the next level.
    • After the third flower jump, exit out the top-right.

Screen Five

    • Ignore the shaman dude and hop on the platforms to cross the gap. It should jump you the right distance automatically, like the bridge in Tadpole Pond, so just mash jump to get across.
    • When you get to the other side, exit out the top-right to the desert.

Desert Whirlpools

    • Save if you want on the first desert screen, ignore the whirlpools on this screen and head up to the next screen.
    • On each screen there are several whirlpools moving around, with an ant-like enemy that pops its head out of one of the pools. You need to run into this ant to trigger an encounter.
    • Use an Ice Bomb each time you run into an ant to win instantly, then go into the same whirlpool that the ant was in to progress to the next screen.
    • After doing this four times, you should land in an underground area.
    • Mario Reaches Level 9 - ATK
    • Peach Reaches Level 11 - MAG
  • Geno Reaches Level 10 - ATK
  • Bowser Reaches Level 11 - ATK
  • If you get freebies on these Ice Bombs, they can be used against the Axem Rangers or Gunyolk (or MegaSmilax if you really are low on bombs).

Time for Death Abuse!

    • Switch Mallow and Peach into the party, and unequip your party of EVERYTHING except the EXP Booster on Mario.
  • FROM THIS POINT FORWARD, put all the bonus stats in the following:
    • Mario gets all ATK
    • Geno gets all ATK
    • Bowser gets all ATK
    • Mallow gets all MAG
    • Peach gets all MAG
  • Now hit the first star and try to kill every enemy on this floor (see path below). If you have enough time on the star left, drop down the hole to the second room and try to pick off the gecko to the lower-right of the trampoline before it runs out.
  • Talk to the Shaman behind the boxes, and buy the additional Star. Kill all the monsters in this floor EXCEPT ONE.
  • You must always leave at least one monster alive for this to work, don’t forget it!
  • After the star runs out, get into battle with the remaining monster and DIE AS FAST AS YOU CAN.
  • You will respawn at the save point with all the enemies back and your coins, but you keep your exp. Repeat this process 4 times.
  • After dying 4 times, switch your party back to Mario/Bowser/Geno.
  • EQUIP Mario:
    • Troopa Shell
    • Work Pants
    • Amulet
  • EQUIP Bowser:
    • Trueform Pin
  • EQUIP Geno:
    • Safety Ring
  • Now use the 2 stars one last time, and exit. (5 rounds total, but only 4 deaths)
  • Finishing Levels should be around (may not be exact but close to):
    • Mario Level 18
    • Bowser Level 16
    • Geno Level 15
    • Mallow Level 16
    • Peach Level 16
  • If you still have not equipped your gear, this is another reminder to do so, look above for instructions.

Belome Temple

    • Talk to the shaman on the first screen and pay for the shortcut back to the surface, but don't use it yet.
    • Empty the coin chest on the second screen, talk to the shaman, and hit the Belome heads in the order of: left, middle, right.
    • Head straight through the next few rooms until you get to the elevator room with the other shaman.
    • Hit the Belome tongue and if he says he is “not accepting visitors right now” (click for Japanese) leave left, and re-enter and try again until he’s hungry, then proceed down...

Belome Second Time

  • Geno uses Fright Bomb, Bowser Attacks, Mario Attacks (all on belome)
  • Geno Attacks, Bowser Attacks, Mario Attacks (Belome Dies)
  • Everyone finishes off clones with attacks.
  • If 2 clones are alive, have Geno use a Timed Geno Blast.
  • Bad RNG is Belome using an attack called Light Beam, which puts your characters to sleep, or Aurora Beam. If this happens hope for a MISS and use an Able Juice on Mario.
  • After the fight, head forward to reach Monstro Town.

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