24. Sunken Ship

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Screen 1

    • Take the left door when you enter the ship.

Screen 2

    • Head to the right and jump over the boxes to reach the next room. You'll want to approach the door from the top to avoid the enemy spawns.

Screen 3

    • Head up-right to get to the next room, but move directly up a bit when you enter this room, then back down when you reach the door. This will avoid the enemies that tend to spawn in the direct line between the two doors.

Screen 4

    • Grab the flower hidden behind the boxes when you enter this room.
    • Head down the stairs avoiding the rats along the way.
    • Jump on top of the boxes at the bottom of the stairs to reach the chest, and empty it for 100 coins.

Screen 5 (Six Doors) - Top

    • Ignore the doors being guarded by the ghosts and head directly southwest to exit this screen.

Screen 6

    • Ignore the chest being guarded by the dry bones and talk to the shaman on the lower level here for shopping.
  • BUY:
      • Hurley Gloves
      • Hand Gun
  • EQUIP Mario:
    • Amulet
  • EQUIP Bowser:
    • Hurley Gloves
  • EQUIP Geno:
    • Hand Gun
    • Trueform Pin
  • Leave to the right of the shaman after you're done shopping.

Screen 5 (Six Doors) - Bottom

    • Head up-right to the end of the bottom part of this room. You need to get through the door guarded by the ghost here, however this can be done without triggering the fight:
      • Position yourself pushing up against the boxes along the upper wall between the exit and the other door to the left.
      • Once you're pressed against these boxes, run directly up-right and you should pass behind the ghost guarding the door without hitting it.

Screen 7 (Password Boxes)

    • The password is "PEARLS". Bonk the boxes from below to advance the cursor for each one to spell it out.
    • NOTE: The arrangement of letters and cursor starting position for each box are always the same, so you can memorize the number of times to hit each box which is a little faster. See the image below for the counts.
    • After spelling the password, talk to the horn to submit and open the door to the next screen to fight...

King Kalamari

Phase One

    • Geno Boost Bowser.
    • Bowser uses Fire Bomb, all three tentacles should die.

Phase Two

    • Mario uses Fire Bomb, 2/3 tentacles should die.
    • Geno Boost Mario.
    • Mario attack the remaining tentacle.

Phase Three

    • Bowser uses Fire Bomb, both tentacles should die.
    • Geno Attacks.
    • Mario use Fire Orb on the big squid.
    • Continue using normal attacks with Bowser and Geno, and Fire Orb with Mario until you've made sushi.
      • If Kalamari kills Mario for any reason, revive him with Geno.
    • After the fight, you'll be dropped to the lower decks. Head through the door to proceed.

Screens 8 & 9

    • Jump to the upper level here and proceed to the next room.
    • In this screen, you need to avoid the bullet bills while making your way across the top level to the next room.
    • If you get hit by a bill, you just get knocked down to the lower level and will have to head back to the previous room to get up top again. It does not trigger a battle however, so this isn't too punishing.
    • If you run at max speed, you'll need to jump when you reach the third cannon in the first group, and the second cannon in the second group for perfect movement here.

Screen 10

    • Head down the stairs on one side to avoid the rats and move to the next room.

Screens 11 & 12 (Double Room)

    • Take the left path and jump over the rat to reach the door. Do not go in the hidden alcove on the right! This contains an enemy that will trigger a battle.
    • In the room with the Mario clone, jump at the bottom edge in the middle of the room to hit an invisible switch block that makes a floating treasure chest appear on the top edge.
    • Position the clone underneath the floating chest and jump on top of his head to reach it for a KeroKeroCola. This is a little tricky, as he jumps when you do, but if you're pressing into him then he won't actually jump usually.
      • If you're having trouble, you can reset the Mario clone's position by running to the bottom left corner of the room and continuing to run in place in that corner for a few seconds. Then you can run along the top wall and jump just before the first vertical wooden panel, and end up on his head. It takes practice, but you'll get it.
    • Once you've got the treasure, leave through the bottom door back to the previous room and head southwest to proceed.

Screen 13

    • Jump over the dry bones and head down the stairs.

Screen 14

    • Grab the recovery mushroom from the left chest if needed, and take a safety save if you want.
  • Do not hit the other chest! That is a Hidon monster!

Screens 15 & 16 (Frog Coins and Fish)

    • Head up-right through the door to the second room here first.
    • Take the whirlpool to sink to the bottom, then head back into the previous room via the bottom left exit.
    • Grab the four frog coins on the floor here while avoiding the fishes.
    • After grabbing the frog coins, use the barrels to jump back up to the surface and head back into the second room again.
    • Take the whirlpool again and exit up-right to the next room.

Screen 17 (The Hallway From Hell)

    • This hallway is one of the worst screens in the game. You want to go immediately down-right as soon as you enter to kind of shimmy your way to the staircase without hitting the first star slap or fish.
    • Jump over the star slaps on the stairs as you make your way to the bottom.
    • You may have to wait for the last fish to move out of the way so you can jump over and sneak through the door at the bottom of the stairs.

Screen 18 (Blooper and Barrels)

    • Head directly up and behind the stack of barrels to find a secret room. Grab the Safety Ring from the chest here.
    • Head back out and to the right to climb up the right stack of barrels to reach the surface, but don't go through the door yet.
    • Turn around and jump back out into the water and make your way all the way to the left corner to for a frog coin (see below).
    • Swap Mallow in for Bowser (don't change any equipment) and head through the right door for the final fights of this area.

Red Bandanas

  • Have Geno use an untimed Geno Boost on Mallow, and have Mallow use a Timed Thunderbolt to kill all monsters in one strike. Mario should not come up in the turn order, but if he does then just have him defend.
  • Repeat the process for the second battle.
  • Geno Reaches Level 9 - ATK
  • Mario Reaches Level 8 - MAG
  • Mallow Reaches Level 8 - MAG
  • Bowser Reaches Level 10 - ATK
  • After both fights, grab the mushroom in the chest downstairs if you need it.
  • Switch Bowser back in for Mallow, and you should be ready!

Johnny Jones

      • Quick note before you start: Attempt Super Jumps if you think you can get 8+ Super Jumps consistently, with a chance of getting more each try. You don’t need to get 100 (would be nice) but if you can hit 15 consistently, that is good enough.
    • Can’t do Super Jumps at all? Use Jump instead, it's still effective.
    • Geno uses Sleepy Bomb, Bowser uses Fright Bomb on Johnny, Mario uses Jumps.
    • Geno Attacks, Bowser Attacks, Mario Jumps.
    • *Get Strong* *turns orange*
    • Geno Attacks, Bowser Attacks, Mario Jumps.
    • Geno uses a Sleepy Bomb again (every 3rd turn), Bowser attacks, Mario Jumps.
    • Keep doing the same routine over until Johnny falls. With properly timed normal attacks and 8+ super jumps consistently, you should only need two Sleepy Bombs and the Blue Bandanas shouldn’t wake up.
    • Using Super Jumps is around 20 seconds slower than using Jump, but if you can get 30+ for Attack Scarf or Super Suit, it is worth it.
    • After the fight, head out the right exit and back to town.

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