22. Seaside Town

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    • Head directly north of the entrance to the first shop door (with two guys scooting back and forth) and talk to the guy behind the counter for the biggest shopping spree of the run.
    • NOTE: When selling your items, the number of coins you can hold is capped at 999 however the game will not prevent you from selling more items for no coin benefit! This means you need to stop when/before you reach 999 coins in order to not lose any. Be careful about this when selling all your items below.
    • You will need to make multiple trips between the buy and sell screens for this, and you generally want to sell the smaller items first to make more room in your inventory.
  • UNEQUIP Bowser:
      • Zoom Shoes
      • All your smaller items except Pick Me Ups in case you need them later (i.e. sell Mushrooms, Honey Syrups, Able Juices). Sell these first to make as much room as possible in your inventory. You might also need to sell some extra Pick Me Ups at the end if you need the room.
      • Flower Tabs
      • Wallet
    • KeroKeroColas
    • Red Essence (if you freebie'd it during the Bundt fight)
      • Flower Jars
      • Flower Box (if you got the drop from the Croco 2 fight)
    • Goodie Bag
    • Zoom Shoes
    • All old unequipped weapons
  • BUY:
    • 3 Fire Bombs
    • 8 Ice Bombs
    • 8 Fright Bombs
  • Depending on the amount of coins you have, you should be able to buy that bomb ratio. If you beat Croco's three bandits in the Moleville mines (Flower Tab drop from each) and got most/all of the coins you could during the minecart ride, you should be totally fine for coins here.
  • Always buy 3 Fire Bombs. You need a lot of Fright Bombs for Yaridovich and other bosses, and Ice Bombs help with future boss fights.
  • Make sure you have at least 75 coins left over to buy the Hand Gun/Hurley Gloves later.
  • If you have excess cash, prioritize buying extra Ice Bombs if you have enough. They are the most useful to have extras for later. If you don't quite have enough for an extra Ice Bomb, buy an extra Fire Bomb instead as that is also useful. Just make sure you leave yourself at least 75 coins in the end.

Moving On

    • Head north of the item shop to the elder's house in the top corner of town and talk to the fake elder. He will tell you that the next star has fallen into the sea and he wants you to get it back.
    • Leave town and head to the Sea.

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