11. Rose Town

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    1. First run over to the item shop at the east edge of town. Jump up the boxes at the side of the building to get to the chimney and go down it.
    2. Grab the chest next to where you land inside, then grab the other chest in the upper left corner behind the counter.
    1. Now head over to the northwest corner of town to the house up on the ledge that can't normally be reached. Jump on the toad's head in front of the wall to get up to the house and head inside.
    2. Empty the two chests with flowers on the first floor.
    3. Head upstairs and jump on the bed at the head where the pillow is to find a hidden chest with a frog coin.

Moving Forward

    • Now head to the inn in the southwest corner of town to start the Gaz cutscene.
    • When he asks you if you're Mario, say no to save a couple text boxes.
    • The cutscene begins after Gaz says "Oops I think I missed". Click that, and begin your break! The cutscene lasts about 1:30 seconds, so go to the bathroom, or grab a drink/snack. But go with HASTE!
    • After you wake up the next day, jump out of the bed and run downstairs.
    • Wait for the text to play out automatically between Gaz and his mom, then leave the house as soon as you're able.
    • Leave town and head to the Forest Maze!

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