08. Midas River

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    • Go left at the first fork, and go right at the second fork.
    • Grab all four frog coins along the way down the waterfall.
    • Try to grab as many normal coins as possible along the way! You need to get at least 60 coins by the end of the whole area!
      • If you missed the frog coin in Mushroom Kingdom jumping off Toad's head when you first arrive, there is an extra fifth frog coin you can get by going into the cave right after the third frog coin going down the waterfall!

Barrel Jumping

    • There are two lanes: top and bottom. To switch between the lanes, bonk into the barrel without jumping to it. Watch out for the fish! You'll lose coins if you don't jump over them.
    • The maximum number of coins can be gotten by doing three lanes down, followed by one lane up. Repeat this pattern until you reach the end of the river course.
    • If you get EXACTLY 60 coins, you can skip one text box and save a tiny amount of time. However we recommend you be as safe as possible and ensure you get 60 or more coins to guarantee the frog coin!
    • At the end of the course, the toad will give you the Nok Nok Shell no matter what. Proceed to Tadpole Pond!
      • If you mess up and get less than 60 coins and no frog coin, the run can continue. Instead of buying 3 sleepy bombs in Tadpole Pond next, you can only buy 2 (use them on Johnny). If you freebie that bomb, there is no consequence. If you don't get a freebie, you lose some time at Gunyolk (where it was used).