06. Mushroom Kingdom

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    • SAFE STRATS - Save at the inn before attempting Mack Skip!
    • Head to the castle, avoid the Shysters and head to the throne room.
    • If you fail Mack Skip, reset and try again from the inn. If you didn't save at the inn, RIP URN.

How To Mack Skip

Step 1

Run up to the top left corner. Easy!

Step 2

Walk all the way along the edge to the right until the collision stops forcing you downward and you're just going to the right. Once you're at this height, position yourself on the bottom tip of the wall.

Step 3

Jump to the right while pressing the run button and land behind the first jumping Shyster. You should hit an invisible wall that prevents you from going further to the right.

Step 4

Push right as far as you can go against the invisible wall of the Shyster. Now you need to jump to the right while running, but stop moving right very shortly after you jump. The exact timing should be as the Shyster is coming down towards the ground. Don't move too far to the right in the air, or you'll trigger the boss fight! If you did it right, you should end up on top of the jumping Shyster. This is the most difficult part.

Step 5

Once on top of the jumping Shyster, you need to move Mario down slightly to get in position for the final jump. The marker I use is when Mario's foot is partially covering the Shyster's eye.

Step 6

Finally, jump up-right while holding the run button. The timing for the final jump is just as the Shyster approaches the peak of his jump. If you time it right, you should land on the other side of the line of Shysters. Now simply run up to the chancellor and talk to him to trigger the cutscene and skip the boss fight!

Outside Again

    • After the cutscene, head outside the castle.
    • Go to the item store and get the Cricket Pie from the shopkeeper.
    • Leave the Mushroom Kingdom and head to Kero Sewers.

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