05. Bandit's Way

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First Screen

    • Follow Croco and take the bottom path to the next screen.

Second Screen

    • Jump across the moving platforms and grab the coins along the way.
    • Get the KeroKeroCola from the hidden chest by jumping off the rotating flower when facing directly right.
    • ABOUT ROTATING FLOWERS: Obviously the fastest possible time is if you start facing one tick to the left of where you need to jump, going clockwise. Manipulation of where you start when you jump on these flowers appears to be based on where you land on it. We've noticed that if you land in the bottom-right corner of the flower, that tends to start you facing directly up, which is ideal for almost all of the flower jumps in the game. This screen is a good place to practice landing on the flower if you want.

Third Screen

    • Follow Croco up, and take the middle path at the split to avoid any encounters as shown below.

Fourth Screen

    • Jump on the slow rotating platforms when Croco runs off and hit the chest to grab the star. Use it to kill at least 10 enemies on this screen. Getting 12+ is optimal, but Mario must level up or you need to reset.
    • Mario reaches level 2 - MAG

Fifth Screen

    • If you hit any encounters, grab the recovery mushroom from the treasure chest here.
      • SAFE STRATS - EQUIP Mallow with Pants if needed.
    • Chase down Croco by sneaking up on him from behind three times.
      • You won't run into the koopas at all if you don't jump. The goombas will pop out of the bushes as you run past, but they're easy to avoid if you keep running.

Croco 1

    • Mario always Jumps, Mallow defends.
    • Every third turn, have Mallow use Honey Syrup to get FP back.
    • Bad RNG is Croco throwing a lot of bombs. In this case, when a bomb is thrown at Mario, have Mallow use a mushroom on him. Use a Pick Me Up on Mallow if he dies.
    • Mallow reaches level 3 - ATK

After Croco

    • Use the spring to get back to the bottom of the first screen.
    • Run north to exit, and head back to Mushroom Kingdom.

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