Safe Strats Route

The purpose of the Safe Strats guide is to provide a safe alternative which ensures that almost anybody can complete a speedrun of this game in a reasonable amount of time. Can't do Super Jumps? No problem! This run is designed to route around the requirement of super jumps and wiggler frog coin jumps. If you have no idea what you're doing speedrunning SMRPG, whether or not you've even played the game before, then this is the route for you!

The basic idea is to follow the normal route fairly closely up until after Johnny, where you would normally do 100 super jumps and get the Super Suit. Instead, this route uses extra death abuse level ups in Land's End and gets the Lazy Shell weapon and armor. The basic endgame strategy is to put the Lazy Shell armor on Peach and just heal through everything. You won't be getting a record time, but you will be able to finish a run regardless of your skill level. The important thing is that this guide is intended to keep you alive so your run will actually be completed.

The guide is taken from the Safe Strategies Run doc put together by shirayasha, Patocz, and midokamizu with additional clarifications and details added, along with maps and images to illustrate movement strategies in as much detail as possible. This is based on cyghfer's original run which can be found here. You can check out their original Google doc for the route details here, but ideally all that information (and more) should be here now.

The original guide can be found here in case you need it for something, but at this point all the information should be here on the wiki: Super Mario RPG Safe Strategies

How to Use This Guide

Character names of each member in your party are color coded for easy reference. Mario is red, Mallow is light blue, Geno is dark blue, Peach is dark pink, and Bowser is green.

In the guide, this means a character should level up generally around this time, but note that the level up time may vary from run to run slightly, because everyone does things a bit different. This reference is only listed until Land's End Death Abuse. When choosing a level up bonus, the abbreviations are:

    • ATK = Upgrade Attack
    • MAG = Upgrade Magic
    • HP = Upgrade Hit Points

Indicates that a Super Star is going to be used. Destroy the enemies listed with haste! Your time is limited. These stars you get in the boxes are the best tool for EXP in this run.

This ameboid symbol gives you info referring to strokes of good luck that may happen during your run.

This bob-omb symbol will tell you what to do in case things go wrong, and blow up in your face.

Leveling Strategies

Until the death abuse in Land's End, this guide will note when each character is expected to level up. However the times may not be exact in your run, as you may do things slightly differently. This is a general reference for the level up bonus to choose whenever a particular character levels up in case it happens at an unexpected time.

Mario: All ATTACK except levels 2, 3, 5, 8 do MAGIC

Mallow: All MAGIC except levels 3, 4 do ATTACK (first two level-ups)

Geno: All ATTACK except levels 7, 8 do HP (first two level-ups)

Bowser: All ATTACK

Peach: All MAGIC except level 10 do HP (first level-up)

NOTE: This is only for the beginner route! For level up bonuses for the intermediate No Super Suit route or the WR route, see the Level Up Bonuses page in the Techniques section.


    • All attacks are timed unless specifically noted as untimed.

The Route


    • The people who originally put all this together in the first place!
    • cyghfer - For creating the original run that all the safe strategies here are based on.
    • shirayasha, Patocz, and midokamizu - For creating the initial version of the safe strategies guide that most of this information comes from.
    • 0xwas - For creating the current middle-of-the-road No Super Suit route.
    • LackAttack - For starting the ball rolling on this wiki and pushing SMRPG as a speedgame at GDQ.
    • Pidgezero_one - For doing a TON of work on this wiki getting the new WR route info in and formatting all the walkthrough pages, making the practice app, updating the timing info...just a ton of stuff.
      • All the other speedrunners I don't even know who helped refine the route and get it to where it is today. Give all the SMRPG runners a follow!
  • RPG Classics - An excellent resource of stats and all kinds of information for this game, among many others!
  • The Video Game Atlas - An amazing resource of maps for all kinds of games, and the source for almost all of the maps we use in this guide to show movement strategies and tips.