Getting Started

Welcome! If you've never speedrun Super Mario RPG any% before, this is the place to start. In this page, you will find information on choosing your platform, and choosing a route according to your preferences and comfort level.

Your Game Setup

There is only one leaderboard for all platforms, localizations, routes, and controller types. The Western and Japanese releases of SMRPG are not significantly different enough to warrant separate leaderboards.

SMRPG is available officially on SNES/SFC, Wii Virtual Console, Wii U Virtual Console, and SNES Classic Edition. All of these releases are allowed for leaderboard submission.

Installing SMRPG on your Wii, Wii U, or SNES Classic via unofficial console mods is allowed. Using SNES flashcarts like the FXPAK Pro is allowed (note Super Everdrive is NOT compatible with this game). Third-party consoles like the Super NT are allowed as long as their frame rate does not exceed that of a SNES.

Emulators that use the snes9x or bsnes/higan core are allowed, such as RetroArch.

Hardware Tips

  • SNES/SFC with an original cartridge is the recommended way to play, as it runs at a faster framerate than all other options, and does not have the minor input delay present in other options. Additionally, emulators tend to have issues with dropped inputs due to fluctuating frame rates.

  • Make sure the cables on your console are appropriate for the TV you are using. If you are using composite, s-video, or component cables, it is strongly recommended to either use a CRT/Tube TV, or purchase a Retrotink if you would rather use a HDMI TV/monitor with this signal type. If you use those cables directly on a LCD or HDMI TV, it will introduce upscaling lag, even on monitors with low latency specs, unless you are using a lagless upscaler like the Retrotink.

  • If opting for Wii or Wii U virtual console, it is recommended to opt for a wired controller to avoid wireless input lag. Raphnet-Tech offers adapters to let you wire several controller types to your console that do not introduce any additional lag.

  • Turbo controllers are allowed as long as they offer no macro programming abilities. For SNES, ASCIIPAD is your best choice (Super Joy Card is also good). You can find these on eBay or Yahoo Japan Auctions (the latter requiring a proxy service such as Dejapan if you live outside of Japan).

  • It is not required to run the game in Japanese, but most top runners do, as it saves at least 10 minutes from text speed. SNES and SFC are cross-compatible. You can easily modify your SNES to accept a Japanese cartridge (tutorial here). If you would like a Japanese cartridge, they are abundant and very inexpensive on eBay and Yahoo Japan Auctions. This wiki offers several resources to help non-Japanese speakers who would like to make the jump.

  • Unfortunately, SMRPG is not compatible with the Nakitek GameSaver or with the savestate firmware for FXPAK Pro. Do not attempt to use the former as it will wipe your save files.

  • If you really have no option but to run on emulator, it is recommended to download Alanim's Higan emulator setup, and then download higan's ipl.rom file and place it in the Super Famicom folder. Run higan-balanced, set Video -> Scale & Aspect Correction, Shader -> None, and check Synchronize Audio. Then put SMRPG into the Super Famicom folder, go to Library -> Import Game and open it, open Task Manager and set your emulator's priority to high. This process requires hefty system resources from your PC, but will give you the closest experience possible to console. Alanim has achieved 100 super jumps in a speedrun on this setup.

    • If Higan isn't an option for you due to hardware limitations, you can opt to use Bizhawk or snes9x. These emulators are included with their respective save state pack downloads in the Practice Tools page. It is not recommended to attempt super jumps on emulator if you are not using the aforementioned Higan setup.

    • Raphnet offers good quality USB adapters for just about any controller you could want to run this game with. If you want to go really hardcore with input fidelity, consider ordering one of their SNES to Parallel adapters and getting a RC-302E. But at that point you may as well just buy a SNES.

Any% Route Options

While it's recommended for all runners to use the latest Super Suit route, you can choose to start off with a slower/easier route if you prefer. Not all runners do this, but some do. It's up to you and your learning style.

Any% 2.01 (Optimal)

This is the standard Any% route that top runners use. This is outlined on the main Any% page. In order to do this, you must be able to do advanced techniques like 100 Super Jumps, Mack Skip, Wiggler Jumps, Ability Swap, consistent perfect timed hits, etc. There are no death abuse level ups required for this route.

The current version of the route is outlined in the pastebin (Any% 2.01 by Claude), and broken down into extreme detail section-by-section in the World Areas section of the wiki.

This route is recommended for all runners who want to be competitive at this game and take it as a serious regular speedgame.

Attack Scarf Only (Advanced)

Recommended for players who are not new to Super Jumping, but don't want to go for 100 in a run. Assumes good knowledge/technical skill with the game otherwise. Faster than No Super Jump, but slower than Any% 2.01.

There are 2 variations of this route currently under development:

No Super Jump (Intermediate)

Recommended for those who have played SMRPG casually and are familiar with the gameplay, but have never run the game before and don't plan on getting too serious about it (i.e. if you signed up for a race). If you're not a total beginner but can't super jump, 0xwas has created this route which is faster than the Beginner route (mainly, this route does not use the Lazy Shell for safety and relies on Power Blasts and Crystallines). General movement tech through areas is still the same as the other routes.

It is strongly recommended to use z32o's guide for the route: (old guides by 0xwas and cleartonic can be found here and here).

(Note that this route does not assume that you can do even 30 Super Jumps to get the Attack Scarf, and so does not take that into account. If you are able to get the Attack Scarf, consider the Attack Scarf route. However, if you can do 30 Super Jumps, you should be able to do 100 with practice, so you should consider working on that and doing the Any% 2.00 route.)

No Mack Skip / No Super Jump

This is a route that has gained some popularity in Japan. You are expected to have enough knowledge of SMRPG to know how to progress through the game, the notes essentially only outline menus and battle strategies and some occasional obscurities. This route does not use the Lazy Shell. General movement tech through areas is still the same as the other routes.

Kokeshi's route (JP) | Unofficial English adaptation

Safe Strats (Beginner)

The purpose of the Safe Strats guide is to provide a safe alternative which ensures that almost anybody can complete a speedrun of this game in a reasonable amount of time. Can't do Super Jumps? No problem! This run is designed to route around the requirement of super jumps and wiggler frog coin jumps. If you have no idea what you're doing speedrunning SMRPG, whether or not you've even played the game before, then this is the route for you.

The most up-to-date version of the route is here: Safe Strats Route

Other Categories

    • Low Level - The most RNG-heavy category, to put it lightly. Leaderboard times range from 8 hours to 18 hours. Does not use any Super Jumps.

    • Most of the Stuff™ (100%) - Recommended if you want to try something fun/different and are very comfortable with the any% run and general game knowledge. This is a for-fun category and currently has no leaderboard. Because the Super Suit is part of the category definition, this speedrun cannot be completed unless you can do 100 Super Jumps.

    • Beat Culex - Create a new save and beat Culex as quickly as possible. This is an extremely difficult category to do optimally as you must super jump him at level 11 enough times before your two red essences wear off. It is not recommended to attempt this unless you're confident you can get the Super Suit.

    • Randomizer - Originally by Abyssonym, ongoing development/improvement by Dorkmaster Flek and Alanim. Join the discord and join in on the discussion!