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French Club/Honor Society

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French Club: Meets every other Friday
Officers :
President: Taylor Aguilar
VP: Sami Bobrowsky
Secretary:  Dania Fu
Treasurer: Jessie Ouyang
PR: Megan Midkiff

Enjoying French crepes and desserts at Julian's patisserie and cafe in Folsom:

French Honor Society: every other Tuesday
Officers :
President: Shelby Engdall  
VP: Dania Fu      
Junior VP: Sabrina Ghalambor
Secretary/PR: Abbey Sichler                                                 
Treasurer/Fundraising: Claire Kuykendall
French Club Liaison: Ying Xiong              

February 19 at lunch: Valentine activity
March 5 at lunch: Mardi Gras activity
March 9 12-2 in MPR: immersion day
March 19 at lunch: Cirque de soleil meeting 
April 2 at lunch: hours check meeting

In 2016-17 we raised $700 to help the breakfast program in Haiti. Click here to see a video about it.
We made bracelets to raise money for the breakfast program in Haiti. 

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