Madame Argueta

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About me:

Languages are my passion, so I love sharing them with students. I started teaching in 2003. Before coming to Oak Ridge in 2007, I taught for 4 years at Bella Vista and Yuba City. I got my B.A. in French at U.C. Davis in 1999 and my Master’s in French at Bowling Green State University in 2001. I studied in Avignon, France while at Davis. I then spent a year studying at the university in Tours, France for my MA. I also spent a year in Nantes, France teaching English in a high school. I travel to France often to study and visit. I got my teaching credential at Sac State. I have also studied in Mexico twice (Guanajuato and Cuernavaca) and earned my teaching credential in Spanish in 2007. I have taught French 1,2,3,4,AP and Spanish 1,2,3. I love playing with my dogs Ace and Sasha. They get all my attention. I enjoy spending time relaxing with my husband, who I get to practice Spanish with! I also enjoy traveling, watching TV and reading thrillers. As I enjoy languages, I continue to learn, so I have studied Greek, Italian, Moroccan Arabic and Portuguese. 




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A view of our class room

French/Spanish Classroom 2018/2019

Take 4 years of French with a 3.0 French average and 2.0 in 4 years of English plus show proficiency on English state testing junior year.