Tournament Rules

Door open 30 min prior to pool play
2nd wave teams please be courteous and wait till first wave is complete to enter gym

  • Entry fees are cash only
    • Adults 13 and up $5.00
    • Kids 6-12  $3.00
    • Kids 5 and under FREE

  • No Parking along streets
    • Violators will be fined and the team they are with will be sanctioned
    • Plenty of parking in the parking lots
    • Look at parking rules for map here

  • No Food or drink allowed in the GYM floor areas
    • Water Only

  • Food and drinks allowed upstairs only
    • Please clean up your trash and spills

  • Court bleachers and chairs are limited
    • Please rotate out when your team isn't playing.
    • Please take your trash when moving out.

  • Chairs allowed upstairs only
    • Keep Chairs away from fire exits

  • Food tables allowed in the parking lot in front of gym
    • Keep tables away from entrance and stairs

  • Please clean up after yourselves in parking lots

  •  No shouting at the kids at scorers table or referees
    • Parent who don't follow this rule will be asked to leave
    • NO spectators allowed at or behind scorers table
    • Only roster members allowed at scorers table, bench, and officiating.  

Thank you for attending our tournaments