Volleyball 101

This is a year round program for students pursuing to learn and master all basic skills of volleyball; Passing, Setting, Attacking, Serving, etc. Volleyball 101 will prepare the student for a competitive level of volleyball like CYO, YMCA, School teams & Club teams. Volleyball 101 is held on Friday’s year round please check schedule. 

***Practice Times***

1st grade to 6th grade  

7th grade to 12th grade

Introductory clinic on Sundays
 All Grade levels 3:00 pm - 5:30 pm 

This is held every Friday to allow customers
 to experience the program first hand.

We are relocating so will we let you know once we are reestablished to do this program. Please come to our Sunday clinics in the mean time at Providence High school. 


Payment and registration must be received before deadlines !!!!


****There are limited spots****


 ****First come First Serve****


 Download and fill this form

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