• Outside the Phone Booth Idea
  • Relevant to the Classroom
  • Big idea - details can be shared later
  • 3 Minutes or Less

  1. Rojanne's Search Party
  2. Molly's Photosyth Slam
  3. Sam & Maelene iPad Motion Analysis:
  4. Joe's Scratch-off
  5. Nathaniel Lindley: Your Passwords Suck
  6. Sean's Automagical
  7. Peter Gausmann: Geocaching
  8. David Freeburg: I was born with a cape.
  9. Dave's iPad Reflections
  10. Todd Roudabush: Stopmotion on the iPad
  11. Ben's Google Earth on the iPad.
  12. Mark Garrison: Youtube Annotation

Use the template below to make a simple presentation with your demo slam.  Don't use more than 5 slides and focus your presentation on broad talking points rather than details.  You'll go head-to-head with someone else in a Minnesota-nice competition.  Use the sample on this page as a guide.  

If you decide to participate, please submit a public link to your simple presentation (if you do one) in the form below.  Please let Ben know you are planning a slam and you'll go head to head in a fun, relaxed and inspiring session of Demo Slam.  Thanks for participating.

Elmo on Steroids - Demo Slam