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Superhero is geared for innovators and leaders in educational technology and was created to move beyond how-to and focus on authentic application and integration. Superhero is different by design. The sessions are longer, faster paced and are more collaborative with a high value given to the informal networking and learning that happens outside of the sessions.

Ramsey Musallam | Keynote 
Sparking Curiosity

Ramsey Musallam is the a high school chemistry teacher at Sacred Heart 
Cathedral High School in downtown San Francisco and adjunct professor of education at Touro University. Upon receiving his Doctorate in Multimedia Learning from the University of San Francisco, Dr. Musallam’s research interests have shifted from a focus on technology in the classroom, to an emphasis on establishing learning environments grounded in inquiry, motivation and curiosity, using technology as a strategic classroom partner. In addition to the classroom, Dr. Musallam facilitates professional development experiences for teachers nationally and internationally, and is the host of the Infinite Thinking Machine, an internet TV show dedicated to spreading innovation and creativity to fellow educators.