Iron Man Collector's Guide

This was one of many features created for the original Rumorbuster site, but we've since moved to our new home at where there's all kinds of fresh, new stuff to look at. 

Created as a supplement to the Super Hero Squad Rumorbuster site, this is a visual guide to the many armors of Iron Man, as well as some of his allies and enemies.  Each thumbnail links to a larger version of the image.

The first Iron Man, released in the Iron Man/Thor two-pack from Wave 2.
After a golden repaint, this armor was included in a Toys R Us Exclusive 5-pack

This Iron Man was next repainted in the first Collector's Pack as War Machine.
Next, Ultimate Iron Man was released in a Mega-pack featuring Ultimate Giant Man.
Iron Man's next Mega-pack appearance was a more classic look, going against legendary dragon Fin Fang Foom.

Then came the Spider-Man armor designed by Tony Stark prior to the Civil War, and currently used by the Scarlet Spiders from Avengers: The Initiative (albeit, the armor has been re-tooled to include a fourth arm on each suit and thus making it more spider-like.)  This was included in the Avengers 4-pack featuring Captain America, Ms. Marvel and the Vision.
The release of Iron Man's movie also saw the first Iron Man 4-packs: Hall of Armor and Face Off.  Hall of Armor came in two versions, the most noticeable difference being the First Appearance Iron Man armors.  One set featured a matte finish, the other featured a metallic paint. The remaining figures also have variations in the red paint, however the variation is less noticeable in some figures.

Iron Man: Hall of Armor (First Appearance, Hulkbuster, Silver Centurion, Tony Stark)

Iron Man: Face Off (Crimson Dynamo, Iron Man, Titanium Man, War Machine)

Iron Man's next appearance was in the first wave of Hulk figures in Hulkbuster armor based on his look from World War Hulk, in a two-pack with Hulk, also sporting his look from World War Hulk.

Following the first wave of 4-packs came the Crimson Dynamo Attacks (also known as the Desert Face Off) and The Genius of Tony Stark packs featuring repaints.

Crimson Dynamo Attacks (Crimson Dynamo, "Classic" Iron Man, Desert Armor Iron Man, and War Machine)

Genius of Tony Stark (Hulkbuster, with gunmetal grey joints, Scarlet Spider armor with more primary yellow colored legs, First Appearance armor painted gold, and Ultimate Iron Man.)

And for some side-by-side shots.  The Scarlet Spiders

The World War Hulk Hulkbuster Armors

Tony Stark/Desert Armor

The Silver Centurion/Classic Armor

Crimson Dynamos (notice the subtle paint differences)

War Machines

Wave 2 Iron Man, Toys R Us Avengers 5-pack repaint and Collector's Pack War Machine.

The many War Machines

The many more faces of Iron Man