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Reflex Integration Methods

  • Masgutova Method of Neuro-sensory-motor Reflex Integration - MNRI is based on unique training directed toward the restoration of neurodevelopment and the integration of primary movements, reflexes, coordination systems, and skills for the optimal functioning, development, and learning. The Masgutova Method is oriented on the stimulation of reflex patterns in order to awaken natural, genetic motor resources, self-regenerating strength of motor memory and sensory-motor coherence. This achievement innately carries the implication of the fulfillment of all potentials within movement abilities and learning skills.
  • Retained Primitive Reflexes   Your potential begins immediately after conception. “Primitive reflexes” develop to enhance your chance of survival, to protect foetal development and to aid in the birth process. As the baby becomes accustomed to the world it lives in, these reflexes become incorporated (integrated) into the advanced brain. Failure to incorporate can result in less than full potential being reached. These show up as behavourial problems, learning difficulties, poor posture or altered perceptions. Specific structural corrections together with input from other therapies can help to incorporate these reflexes and allow movement towards reaching full potential.
  • Vojta Therapy   In the Vojta method normal patterns of movement sequences, for example, reaching and grasping, standing up and walking, are not taught or trained as such.  Vojta therapy rather stimulates the brain, activating “innate, stored movement patterns” that are then “exported” as coordinated movements involving the musculature of the trunk and extremities.