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I should preface this page with the statement that we decided to vaccinate our son.  However, we were aware of the debate and knew that we had the option to not vaccinate.  We did modify the vaccination schedule by consulting with our doctor to:
  • Decrease the total number of vaccinations given to the bare minimum related to SERIOUS, life threatening diseases
  • Split the vaccination schedule up so that only half the number of innoculations were given at any particular visit.  This doubled the number of visits we had to make but it reduced the amount of immunological challenge to our son's system on any one occasion.
  • Insisted on single dose vials (no preservatives) and actually SEEING the original vial.
There is also some research evidence that delaying when some vaccinations are given can have health benefits (I will have to find that article on my other computer).

Finding a "Vaccine-Friendly" Doctor

Books which give alternative or critical views of vaccination

Alternative Vaccination Schedules

This schedule is based on Dr. Stephanie Cave's What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations .
Here is her schedule:
Hep B
Delay until the year before starting school, although we may consider starting the series as early as two and half if we are considering preschool at the time.
4 mo, 6 mo, 8 mo, 17 mo

IPV (Polio)
4 mo, 6 mo, 8 mo, 17 mo (booster at 4 years)

5 mo, 7 mo, 9 mo, 15 or 18 mo (booster at 4 years)

Pneumococcal (PREVNAR) one dose at age 2

Varicela (Varivax)
Age four, if at all

Mumps – 15 mo
Rubella – 27 mo
Measles – 39 mo
Booster – age 5
 Dr. Sear's Alternative Vaccine Schedule  (
    • 2 months: DTaP, Rotavirus
    • 3 months*: Pc, HIB
    • 4 months: DTaP, Rotavirus
    • 5 months*: Pc, HIB
    • 6 months: DTaP, Rotavirus
    • 7 months*: Pc, HIB
    • 9 months: Polio (IPV)
    • 12 months: Mumps, Polio (IPV) (See 3rd UPDATE)
    • 15 months: Pc, HIB
    • 18 months: DTaP, Chickenpox
    • 2 years: Rubella, Polio (IPV) (See 3rd UPDATE)
    • 2 1/2 years*: Hep B, Hep A (start Hep B at birth if any close relatives or caregivers have Hep B)
    • 3 years: Hep B, Measles (See 3rd UPDATE)
    • 3 1/2 years*: Hep B, Hep A
    • 4 years: DTaP, Polio (IPV)
    • 5 years: MMR
    • 6 years: Chickenpox
    • 12 years: Tdap, HPV
    • 12 years, 2 months*: HPV
    • 13 years: HPV, Meningococcal (once Meningococcal vaccine is approved for age 2, Dr. Sears will move it there and delay

Relationship Between Infant Mortality and Number of Vaccinations Given
  • The article referred to at this link was published by two people who are associated with anti-vaccination organisations but it makes very interesting reading.

Websites that Question the Value of Vaccination
Censorship and Vaccination

FDA and Thimerosol

H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine
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