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Middle Ear Infections

Middle ear infections are common in typical children and extremely common in children with DS.  There are very high rates of surgery to implant grommets in the ear drum and high rates of hearing impairment in children with DS.

However, our son has had only 2 mild ear infections, no grommets and no hearing loss.

Our way of preventing and treating middle ear infections/fluid buld up has been:
  1. DIET: no wheat/gluten, casein (milk), soy; low sugar
  2. PROBIOTICS: Babybiotic daily
  3. Regular cranial osteopathy to promote movement and development of the cranial bones
  4. Regular mechanical osteopathic work to promote drainage from the skull in to the chest
  5. Periodic cleaning of the external ear canal (using either peppermint oil or 3% hydrogen peroxide)
  6. Homeopathics for middle ear infection (I have no idea if these work but they are a simple thing to add in)
  7. Daily cleaning of mucous from the nose during colds using a little suction device. Eg: 

Hydrogen Peroxide

Dr Block's Ear Infection Kit
Dr Mary Ann Block is an osteopathic physician and author who treats ADHD, Autism and ear Infections (amongst other things).  She produces a kit for parents to learn how to monitor and treat fluid in the ear.

Dr Block's kit includes an EarCheck Monitor ( which works by reflecting sound off the eardrum to guage fluid levels in the middle ear.