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  • Brad Hennefer

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  • John Ince

John is my name, I live in NSW, (Australia) in a country town called Nerriga.  I live on a farm of 102 acres of land.  I live with my sister and my brother in law, but I live in my own house on the same property and it’s 600 metres away from them.

I’ve got my Drivers Licence, and been driving for 17 years, and got my boat Licence and now I’m going for a Gun Licence very shortly I hope.

I have a ute and 4WD paddock basher.  I drive the ute to Goulburn for banking and shopping.  It is about an hours drive to get there.  I used to live in Melbourne (population: 3,806,092) and drive in the city in peak hour traffic.  I worked as a driver for 6 years with the ironing team.  I had to pick up ironing and deliver ironing five days a week.  I am glad I don't drive in that traffic any more.
I am about to go on a holiday to Melbourne again.  I will drive down and visit family all round Victoria.  

I am a mild Down syndrome man, I’ve worked for 25 years till I decided that it was time to retire, which I did when I turned 40.  I’m very happy now because I am not working anymore for anyone.
John Ince

1) ZhouZhou ("JoJo") is a famous conductor here in China, has Down syndrome

2) This woman is a Kindermusik Instructor.

3) This woman is an actress on the TV show Glee and dates a Listmate's son, too!

4) This woman is a Journalist

5) This woman got married to a typical non disabled guy and had a healthy baby without Ds.
The basic story:
Cinthia met Miguel, they fell in love, got married and now Augusto is born.
The details: Cinthia has DS, Miguel doesnt have a disability, nor does Augusto.
Watch the video on the link below.

Here the translation of the docs first line

"I took the sonar, put on her stomach and heard the heart. I told her mother - jane, this is your grandsons heart. You can imagine what it was. Cintia took off her glasses , started to cry and said -thank god it is a baby i have inside my belly."  "Later on they say "In the medical literature, there are 30 women with Down syndrome who have had perfect children, affirms her gynecologist and obstetrician, Dr Renato Poli"

I Found another story about it. Apparently, a documentary is being produced.



6) This man is a musician, black belt in Tae Kwan Do, and a World Game special Olympian.

7) This man is an artist

8) These two men are authors and activists

9) These 4 young adults with Ds (and one with Williams Syndrome) live together.  They attend college, work, go dancing, bar hopping, vacationing together, to karaoke.  (web Reality Show, short segments)

10)Sanna Sepponen, a woman with down syndrome, has been an actress in a famous local soap opera here in Finland. Here is a youtube clip. Unfortunately it is in finnish language but shows at least that she actually is pretty good in what she is doing (in that clip she is getting angry to another girl as she thinks the girl stole his boyfriend). Nowadays she is in a reality show which tells about life of five friends who are all somehow handicapped and living together in a service house.

And below a wikipedia link in english to this info:

11) first reporter with ds from brasilhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7KnBnfitXs&playnext=1&list=PL046E894B1448BBDA

12) Down Syndrome Doesn’t Keep Plano Boy From Getting Black Belt

13) An 18 year old competitive swimmer

14) A well spoken and critically acclaimed actor with Down syndrome

15) Jan 2012   Dancer With Down Syndrome Wins First Place In Contest
Man With Down Syndrome Wins In National Ballroom Competition

Read more: http://www.wlwt.com/entertainment/30217396/detail.html#ixzz1kupQXHHo

16) Woman with DS starring in role in Upstairs Downstairs

17)  Dance Troupe in Madrid all with DS

I'm sure there are many, many more.  BUT, that being said, our kids are Ours and are totally and unconditionally loved despite their abilities or disabilities.  Still, watching all these capable, unique, interesting young adults helped me envision a life- a real life- for my daughter and to measure my daily expectations accordingly.  I am now very aware of those "creeping low expectations" talked about at the Einstein Syndrome blog and keeping stories in mind like this help me focus.  My daughter, 27 months, will have a great life.  Friends, heartaches, driver's license exam, perhaps college if she wishes, motherhood and marriage if she wishes. 

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