Welcome to Super Designers United homepage!!!
Special thanks to Ailurus and Corvus Corax for making the biggest cooperations in SDU history!!!! Thanks to them our site is running and we can deserve being called an xp team!!!!
Back to usual 08 August 2010
We are now back to our usual speed, now we count with 6 members active (Zoodiacosaurus, Koiking, Sircosmius, Dinosaur, Ringo and me) and three helpers (Zoo Fanatic/Nemo, Zerosvalmont and Austroraptor) and we assure better results.  
We are back! 30 July 2010
Ok. First of all, hi all. Then, for those who where asking where I was, here is the answer: I was leaving design.
But frankly, I dont want all designers work in WNW to go to trash, so I will be back to the ZT2 community. I promised: "If I dont say WNW has stopped, it isnt." so, it has not stopped yet, and SDU (or what survived of it...) is on the works.
As of now, only me, Zoodiacosaurus, Koiking and Sircosmius are still working on this. If any of the previous SDU designers want to join back, notify me.
Realy, Leader of SDU 
The mountain beaver, greater prairie chicken and 5 plants from the North America have been released. Download them, as always in the WNW download database.
Another NAP part released! 21 April 2010
The We have now released the black bear and douglas fir too. Check them, as always in the WNW download database.
North America Pack teaser released! 25 December 2009
The WNW NAP teaser, containing the dall sheep the black cottonwood tree and the mountain aven plant is released on WNW download database (link below) Check it out and download :D!
New WNW part released and North America Pack teaser announced! 22 December 2009
The WNW CAP MM objects and plants part of WNW has been added to the WNW download database today. It contains the mexican muhly grass, the pillar coral and aztec themed tank walls. Also WNW NAP teaser will contain the dall sheep, the black cottonwood tree and the new mountain aven plant. It will be released without delay on December 25th.
SDU second anniversary and new bonus pack announced! 16 December 2009
Today is SDU second anniversary guys!!! And for that, we have for you a new bonus pack: tropical coniferous forest bonus pack! Containing a new biome and matching stuff. Check it out here. Release date is not yet decided and the pack isnt finished, but at least has 50% progress or more. You will have news from North American Pack teaser soon.
North American Pack teaser coming soon! and other news... 23 November 2009
Since a long time ago no update... now north american pack teaser is gonna being released soon! Also we are back. and near from our 2nd anniversary
New members 25 May 2009
Since the last news I posted here we have gotten new members: The PWNZER CJ3000, NRG800 and Zodiacosaurus. Please give them a warm welcome! 
Apologizing 6 January 2008
I need apologize for the delay respecting Central America Pack release, we just want to give a pack with the smaller amount of bugs, and if it is posible without bugs! I dont think I can say a release date yet, because I dont want to broke a promise anymore, the rest of Central America Pack will be released in intervals of time, so all the missing parts wont be released at the same time, sorry.
Realy, Leader of SDU 
New member! 6 January 2008
Yet again SDU have a new addition to its staff: Zoo Fanatic! He will help us skinning and coding plants aswell as animals!
New downloads and new homepage! 16 December 2008
We have released the Central America Pack, containing 10 animals, 9 plants and a whole new theme for your zoo. We know you are waiting for the rest of Wild New World to come out! And here is to you also a new homepage more organized and good than the last one.
 Download it!!
Central America Pack release date announced!! 9 November 2008
Finally we got it!!! If all goes ok we will release Wild New World Central America Pack at 16 December 2008, the first SDU anniversary. In case of delay we will release it at Christmas or at San Valentines Day.

Here are some screens to leave you with:

user posted imageuser posted image
user posted imageuser posted image
user posted imageuser posted image

New member! 2 October 2008

Corvus Corax join SDU to mesh, skin and code!