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        Yan Zhang (张颜)

         Assistant Professor
         Department of Biomedical Informatics
         College of Medicine
         The Ohio State University

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Research interests:
My interests span statistical and computational methods and their applications to genomic, proteomic and clinical research, such as (1) functional study of genome structural variations in both normal and abnormal populations; (2) association and eQTL analysis of structural variations; (3) integrative analysis of genomic and proteomic data for cancer driver identification; (4) integrative analysis of genomic and genetic data for clinical studies; (5) statistical modeling of biological networks.

More about me:
I was an engineering student in college. Being attracted by the nature of biology and so many interesting scientific and practical problems in biomedical sciences, I went to intern in a bioinformatics lab in my senior year, and later decided to major in Bioinformatics/Computational Biology for my graduate studies. I am quite happy with my decision, and now I can dive deeper and explore broader in this field. I always enjoy the process of learning new things, thinking and brainstorming for solving scientific problems, and I have found the research very rewarding.

Memberships in Programs/Centers at OSU: