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The Super Chalktendo Entertainment System (SCES) was the result of nearly a year of work that began with concept drawings in December, 2004 and continued until physically completing the unit in September 2005. The software content has continued to be a never-ending work in progress, but the main setup and shakedown was finally completed around March, 2006.

Attempted as a father-son project, it combined Dad's ability to work with wood and his experience in cabinetry with my computer expertise and design to put together a solid 4-player jack-of-all-trades cabinet that combines multiple input configurations to play nearly every type of video game for every system manufactured in the 20th century. 

For more details as to what is inside, please feel free to click the links at the left and learn more about this veritable video game museum and central entertainment center.

 Also, to give a sense of size to these pictures, here are some dimensions that I pulled off of the Chalktendo:

  • Back unit height--top of cabinet to floor: 78" tall.
  • Back TV cabinet (top piece): 46 3/4" wide and 28 1/4" tall. (Depth varies as it is shaped to fit into a corner)
  • Back TV Pedestal: 24" Wide
  • Base piece (what everything sits on) 4" thick/tall
  • Control Panel: 46 1/2" wide x 19 1/2" deep (at their widest points). 5" tall (to fit the keyboard drawer/shelf)
  • Control Panel sits 40" off the floor in the back and 38" tall in the front (for a grade of 2") slanting toward the user. I'm tall, so I made the control panel a little bit taller to save my back from abuse. My wife wears shoes when she plays and is fine... but if you are "vertically challenged" you may want your control panel to be a little shorter.
  • Front pedestal unit (that the control panel sits on) is 19" wide.
  • To those that want a Super Chalktendo all their own: I believe that you can get every other measurement for the cabinet off of these numbers by subtracting one measurement from another. If you are interested and want a specific measurement, I can make one for you. Also if you want to see a specific picture of the cabinet, I can snap one for you as well.

Finally, please feel free to E-Mail me and tell me what you think!!! My email is located at the bottom of every page on this site.

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