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Super Bowl Scavenger Hunt




Directions: It’s Super Bowl time! What do you know about the American tradition of celebrating Super Bowl Sunday?  Use the sites provided to explore the history and facts involving the sport of football and the Super Bowl.  


1.       What was the name of the man who named the Super Bowl? ____________________________

2.       Where was the first Super Bowl played? _________________________________________

3.       Where is the football Hall of Fame located? _______________________________________

4.      What two teams played in the first Super Bowl? ____________________________________


5.      What is the length of a football field? ______________________­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_____________________

6.     What number is this year’s Super Bowl? _________________________________________

7.      Where will this year’s Super Bowl take place? ______________________________________

8.       What year was the National Football League formed? ________________________________

9.     What day will this year’s Super Bowl take place? ___________________________________

10.   What is the name of the trophy for the winner of the Super Bowl? ________________________

11.   What is the number one food eaten at Super Bowl parties? _____________________________

12.   Which team has the most Super Bowl wins? ______________________________________


Use the following sites to answer the questions on the Super Bowl Scavenger Hunt:


1.  Super Bowl I


This site focuses on the history of the Super Bowl, highlighting the first world championship game between the American Football League and the National Football League. 

2.  National Football League


This is the official National Football League website.  It provides information about the current Super Bowl and current news about teams in the NFL, including statistics, schedules, tickets and videos.

3.  Football Facts


This site was created to teach kids facts about football.  Information on this site includes the history of the sport and basic information about team dynamics and positions. 

4.  Super Bowl Fun Facts & Trivia


Fun facts and touchdown trivia are highlighted on this site.  It is a kid friendly site that provides information about the Super Bowl and a question/answer format for trivia. 

5.  2015 Super Bowl Fun Facts


Super Bowl fun facts are found on this website.  The facts focus not only on the actual Super Bowl game but also on the social aspects of the Super Bowl, including commercials and food.