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The Everywhereist

Christian Webb



            The Everywhereist is about Geraldine DeRuither and job traveling husband Rand. The author Geraldine lost her job as a copywriter and decided to travel the world with her husband and blog about their experiences. The blog contains everything from odd ways to travel information and great places to eat! He travels for business she travels for pleasure. Wouldn't you like to be in her shoes?


            The blog also includes personal feelings with mixed flashbacks. Her recent article, featured on her homepage, she talks about new age flings and the way it was back when she grew up. She reflects on this because she is at occupy Wall Street movement. She blogs about all the different things that she encounters. She talks about things like they way that they are living in tents to their drum circle. She compares the event to a party and she says she wants to crash it. She has blog post articles that she releases on every trip and a corresponding “WTF Wednesday.” “WTF Wednesdays” are entertaining personal stories that she encounters. The recent article I just reflected on is “WTF Wednesday” article. These articles are a core part of her fantastic blog.


            Her base articles describe where she is and the changes that she notices in her venue. She gives excellent and entertaining information on hotels and places to eat in major world cities. For instance, in her Barcelona article, you learn about the place she stayed at. She also rates the hotel and tells humors stories about the hotel room. She also blogs about where to eat while in the city. She rates food like you would want someone to rate it, to the point. These articles are usually are submitted on “Food Porn Friday.” She talks about the restaurant that she eats at and describes them in detail to you. She ranges from cheap places to high end Spanish chocolatier. It has a place to try in every city that she has been to. Attractions are also a huge part of her blog. She goes into detail about historical or exciting places to check out. She has other articles and they are all informative.


            According to TIME magazine, The Everywhereist is one of the top 25 blogs of 2011. It has also won many other awards around the Seattle area. She has 5K in followers on Twitter, and she has almost 800 people who like her blog on Facebook. She now has a app released for Windows 7 phones. It is a self titled app for free download in the windows store. Skyscanner listed The Everywhereist as its blog of the week on December 12, 2011. She is also being asked to do interviews on her blog for various outlets. Her husband's business SEOMoz, where he is CEO, receives exposure through her blog. SEOMoz is a software that makes being a CEO easier. His blog also features her blog as well.


            One reason why I envy her life is because she is a traveling digital writer. I love blogging and I love traveling. It's like a match made in heaven. I love reading about her adventures to other countries and her stories about when she is there. Her blog uses language that we all can related to. She is not afraid of saying cuss words or hurting any one's feelings. All she cares about is entertaining her audience in which she does a fantastic job at doing. I agree with TIME magazine in saying that her blog is one of the best of last year. She has an awesome layout of her site. It is not too flashy not too dull. She also archives all her information on a nice layout. She does it by month and year, or she does it by type of article. I f had to rate the blog I would give it five stars. I love everything about the blog from start to finish.I I would strongly suggest that you give the site a visit someday.


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Christian Webb,
Mar 21, 2012, 8:00 PM