When & Who's coming?
8 and 9th November.
We have invited about 50 Africa mappers. The attendees will be power users of
Google Map Maker .

Can anyone attend the conference?
Only people to whom we've extended personal invitations may attend the Summit.

Where is the summit being held?
All the sessions will take place in iHub, Nairobi, Kenya 

When should attendees arrive?
Officially, this is a two-day event. For those who are in Nairobi on the day before the conference begins, there will be exciting social activities. If you'd like to take part in these activities, you should plan to arrive in Nairobi no later than Sunday morning, November 7th.  Participation in these activities is highly encouraged.

How can I find out the latest information about the workshop?
Visit our discussion forum!  We'll post announcements there, including more details about the social activities, the conference schedule, and more.

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