Game mod: Supreme Economy for Supreme Commander Forged Alliance

  Supreme Commander is a Real Time Strategy game (RTS). It's a spiritual successor of Total annihilation. This page describes a Supreme Commander Forged Alliance Mod that provides tools that help with micromanaging the game economy.

What I have been working on recently?

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Beta version

I'm releasing a beta version of the mod. It includes the overlay that talked about earlier. Keep in mind that this release is mainly to gather feedback about the overlay. You can not switch it off at the moment

Here is a screen shot of the overlay:

(Click the above image to enlarge it)

You can download the beta version here:

Mod Information

Welcome to Supreme Economy mod for Supreme Commander Forged Alliance game. This is a User Interface modification, so you can use it in multi player in an online match.

This mod is created by MaCielPL, if you wish to contact me, you can do this at maciel at aster dot pl.

What does the mod do? Currently it gives you two tools that help manage your in game economy, those tools are: Resource Consumption and Metal Extractor Summary. By using them will be able to focus more on strategy and less on clicking.

Below you can see a screen shot from the game. It shows the placement of the buttons that are described later on.

If your econo management skills are lacking and you are getting beaten while playing online, this mod should help you become a better gamer.

Resource consumption

When in the game, on the left side of the screen you can find two columns of buttons. First column indicates mass usage, and the second indicates energy usage.

Buttons represent various projects that you are spending your game resources on, buttons are sorted from top to bottom according to how much resources the project consumes. There are two types of projects: construction (button with an outline) and maintenance (without an outline).

Construction project

Construction project is displayed when your factories/engineers are assisting a construction of a structure or an unit. Updating a metal extractor or a factory is also a construction project. The resource consumption is a total consumption of all builders that are constructing this class of units/structures. Clicking the button will select the builders, this is very useful in situations where your economy is stalled and you are trying to build a Power Generator. You can just select your most energy consuming project and pause it. This will give you some advantage in micromanaging the game over other players.

Progress bars on buttons that represent construction projects show the status of the most complete construction.

Maintenance project

Maintenance project is displayed when your structures are consuming your resources on their own. Game is filled with such structures, good examples are shields and radar stations. If you click the button, you will select all your resource consuming buildings of that kind.

Metal Extractor Summary

Under Resource usage buttons there are 3 rows of buttons that help with monitoring your Metal Extractors. Each button allows you to select mexes that meat certain criteria. If no mexes that currently exist in the game world, meet this criteria the button is hidden.

Each row of buttons correspond to a tech level, within one tech level, you can find up to 3 buttons: idle mexes, updating mexes, mexes that do not have mass storage adjency bonus.

Only buttons that make sense at a specific tech level are available. For example, displaying idle T3 mexes is not useful.

The number on each button shows the number of mexes that will be selected when it is clicked upon.

Progress bars on buttons that represent mexes that are being upgraded, show the status of the most complete mex upgrade.

Changelog (version 2)

- Added construction progress bars

- Some units are now merged into one button (resource usage), for example: Land units built in T1 Factories.

- Fixed a bug in displaying of mexes with mass storage that are being upgraded

- Mex buttons are now displayed in rows, each row corresponds to a tier level

- All buttons now work the same way as the ones from the idle engineers panel.

- Information on the screen is now updated more frequently.


You can download this mod from here, please do not post it anywhere else as I'm experimenting with ads as a support for development of such mods.

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To install, copy the SupremeEconomy folder from the archive to your game folder: C:\Program Files\THQ\Gas Powered Games\Supreme Commander - Forged Alliance\mods , if you have installed your copy somewhere else you should be able to find the correct path yourself. After that you should enter the game and enable the mod from the Mod Manager (You can find it from the game main menu: Extras->Mod Manager)

Old Versions

The first release is still available for download:


What is Supreme Commander Forged Alliance?

Set in the 37th century, Supreme Commander signals the next evolution in the RTS genre by being the first strategy game to deliver a truly strategic and tactical experience. You direct one of three warring human factions, the Aeon Illuminate, the Cybran Nation or the United Earth Federation, as their Supreme Commander, the ultimate power on the battlefield.