Photograph of Vietnam war


Da Nang in 1967

Troops from 1RAR disembark from armoured personnel carriers (APCs) of the 1st Armoured Personnel Carrier Troop at Bien Hoa after a patrol, 1965.

During the Vietnam War, the United States sent thousands of dogs into combat, but only a fraction of them returned home. Now, these dogs, along with thousands of other military working dogs, are memorialized at the U.S. Military.

Dog handlers from the 1ATF move towards a RAAF Iroquois helicopter of 9 Squadron during operations against the Viet Cong, 1967.

A patrol from 1RAR makes its way through the wire on Coral’s perimeter as they search for signs of the enemy after one of the attacks on the base. Behind them are the rubber trees through which the North Vietnamese attacked early on the morning of 13 May.

Bill Hempstead with a M-60 machine gun at the night defensive position.

1969, Vietnam VC with stacked rifles

Viet Cong woman

North Vietnam Woman Soldier

(Viet Cong) While they were preparing ambush.

Viet Cong on patrol.

North Vietnamese soldiers firing upon an American helicopter.

Vietnam Woman Soldier.

According to the Vietnam, September 20, 1965 at about 9 am, female militia Nguyen Thi Kim Lai, the new school at the end of grade II, received a group F4H attack aircraft bombarded for long time (this is for Loc Yen) in the town of Ha Tinh Huong Khe. A top flight in the militia was shot down in Ha Tinh, they found that the pilot of the F4 was able to parachute to escape so a campaign roundup pilot...

06 Apr 1967, Tay Ninh, South Vietnam --- 4/6/1967-Tay Ninh, South Vietnam- Members of the Second Battalion, Sixteenth Infantry, Second Brigade carry a dead comrade out of the jungle, after fierce battle with the Viet Cong near the Combodian border during operation Junction City.

Tank security near LZ Bison, Vietnam 1969

A line of four tracks driving along the Highway 1 as they withdraw from Nui Dat to Vung Tau , Vietnam November 1971.

21 Oct 1965, Ben Dong So, Vietnam --- Members of 1st Division Infantry are dropped by helicopter at Ben Dong So to clear the area of Viet Cong during the Vietnam War.

During Operation Paul Revere, a US soldier searches prisoners for weapons before they are evacuated by helicopter, as another soldier watches.

Fall of Saigon

United States Army Infantry soldiers in barren landscape of Vietnam.

02 Jun 1975, Saigon, South Vietnam --- Victorious North Vietnamese troops wash in the fountain of Saigon's Presidential Palace

02 Sep 1975, Saigon, South Vietnam --- Women members of Provisional Revolutionary Government army participate in an independence day parade and celebration in streets of downtown Saigon 9/2.

une 1967: A US Marine who has slipped and fallen is assisted back up with a rifle by a Marine radio operator as they wade through a marsh during an operation through lowland marshes and wooded areas in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. The two men are assigned to the 'C' Company, 1st Battalion, Third Marines.

An old Vietnamese woman folds her hands, as if in prayer, waiting and watching as US Marines sweep through a village north of Qui Nhon. A Leatherneck guards the woman with his rifle as a precaution, she may be carrying a concealed wapon. Most of the men of the village fled when the Marine battalion came into sight, an indication that the area was predominately Viet Cong, leaving women, children and elderly men behind as the "unknown enemy." They often attack the troops 

North Vietnamese troops enter Saigon.

Sgt.Lopez and LT

Charlie Squad Feb 1970 - Echo Co., 2nd Battalion/1st Marines

A Sky Trooper from the 1st Cavalry Division Airmobile keeps track of the time he has left on his "short time" helmet, while participating in Operation Pershing, near Bong Son

U.S. crewman runs from a crashed CH-21 Shawnee troop helicopter near the village of Ca Mau in the southern tip of South Vietnam, Dec. 11, 1962. Two helicopters crashed without serious injuries during a government raid on the Viet Cong-infiltrated area. Both helicopters were destroyed to keep them out of enemy hands. (AP Photo/Horst Faas)

U.S. Marine shows a message written on the back of his flack vest at the Khe Sanh combat base in Vietnam on Feb. 21, 1968 during the Vietnam War. The quote reads, “Caution: Being a Marine in Khe Sanh may be hazardous to your health.” Khe Sanh had been subject to increased rocket and artillery attacks from the North Vietnamese troops in the area. (AP Photo/Rick Merron).

U.S. Air Force bombs create a curtain of flying shrapnel and debris barely 200 feet beyond the perimeter of South Vietnamese ranger positions defending Khe Sanh during the siege of the U.S. Marine base, March 1968. (AP Photo/ARVN, Maj. Nguyen Ngoc Hanh).


Young North Vietnamese Militiawomen learn how to set booby traps.

Members of the 5th Viet Cong Division, D445 Battalion and some North Vietnamese soldiers in Phuoc Tuy Province, South Vietnam. These photos were captured during 5RAR’s [5th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment] second tour of duty in Vietnam, 1969-70.

A Southvietnamese soldier and civilians take cover during a North Vietnamese mortar bombardment here Sept. 5. Military sources said Sept. 14 that government marines captured half of Quang Tri's massive Citadel Sept. 13 but the advance was slowed by solidly entrenched North Vietnamese troops.

Troops of the 101st Airborne Division in a landing zone northwest of Dak To, South Vietnam, June 8, 1968.

U.S. soldier of the 23rd Infantry Division, Quang Tin, Vietnam

28 Apr 1972, Knotum City, South Vietnam --- Montagnard soldiers head for defensive positions. Kontum City, South Vietnam. Truckloads of Montagnard soldiers head for defensive position outside Kontum City in the Central Highlands April 27th. The soldiers were preparing for an attack on the city by North Vietnamese regulars.

Saigon 1968

29 Apr 1967, Hill 861, South Vietnam

Marine grunts exit their transportation, a CH-53A Sea Stallion with Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 463, to begin a search and destroy operation 17 miles southeast of Phu Bai, Vietnam, Nov. 18, 1967. Initially a World War II bomber squadron, HMH-463, Marine Aircraft Group 16 (Reinforced), 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, flew the first CH-53s in Vietnam with the main mission of providing assault support transport, which they still do today.

Members of the 5th Viet Cong Division, D445 Battalion and some North Vietnamese soldiers in Phuoc Tuy Province, South Vietnam. These photos were captured during 5RAR’s [5th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment] second tour of duty in Vietnam, 1969-70.

A 14-year-old Vietnamese boy holding an AK-47 in 1968.

American soldiers take cover behind trees during Operation Masher, a search and destroy mission in the Binh Dinh Provence of Vietnam. 1966. | Location: Binh Dinh Provence, Vietnam.

On April 4, 1967 during Operation Junction City in South Vietnam, radioman Glendong Browning radios for help for his squad leader wounded by North Vietnamese troops.

11th April 1968: US soldiers, one wounded and being carried by a colleague, walking down Hill Timothy, during the conflict in Vietnam.

18 Jun 1969, South Vietnam - Special Forces Units Confront Viet Cong.

19-year-old Marine Pfc Jerry W. Garner, a machine-gunner attached to “F” Company, 2nd Bn., 1st Marine Regt., wears the helmet that saved his life when his gun team assaulted an enemy position 10 miles south of Da Nang. (Sgt. A. V. Huffman/U.S. Marine Corps)

27 Apr 1971, South Vietnam

In Battle. Dak To, South Vietnam: A member of the 173rd Airborne Brigade crouches beside the body of a dead comrade and equipment left by wounded at the height of the battle on Hill 875. U.S. Army paratroopers of the 173rd Airborne Brigade began a final assault up the bloody slopes of Hill 875.

North Vietnamese troops enter Saigon.

173rd Airborne Division

Private First Class Paul Oliver, 1st of the 8th Cav, walks hand-in-hand with a friendly village child. His newly-acquired friends, residents of a village in III Corps, followed Oliver and his platoon until the soldiers had walked far outside the village.

North Vietnamese troops enter Saigon on tanks and trucks, ending the Vietnam War.

: November 19, 1965 - Lai Khe, Vietnam: Members of the First Infantry Division crouch low north as a squadron of helicopters moves out to attack forward Viet Cong positions prior to an attack by the infantry.

Two American soldiers, one of them an English-Vietnamese interpreter, interrogate a Vietnamese peasant. Vietnam, 1967.

American soldiers play with Vietnamese prostitutes in ruins of bombed village during an operation outside Saigon during the Vietnam War in South Vietnam in the late 1960s.

American soldiers play with Vietnamese prostitutes in ruins of bombed village during an operation outside Saigon during the Vietnam War in South Vietnam in the late 1960s.

Vietnam War protest, late 1960s or early 1970s

U.S. infantryman carries a necked, crying boy after an attack on Cam Xe village during an operation near the Michelin rubber plantation northwest of Saigon, August 22, 1966.

First Lt. Gary D. Jackson of Dayton, Ohio, carries a wounded South Vietnamese Ranger to an ambulance Feb. 6, 1968 after a brief but intense battle with the Viet Cong during the Tet Offensive near the National Sports Stadium in the Cholon section of Saigon. (AP Photo/Dang Van Phuoc)

A wounded U.S. paratrooper grimaces in pain while waiting for medical evacuation at base camp in the A Shau Valley near the Laos border in South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Photo taken by then AP photographer Hugh Van Es on May 19, 1969. (AP Photo/Hugh Van Es).

Released prisoner of war Lt. Col. Robert L. Stirm is greeted by his family at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, Calif., as he returns home from the Vietnam War, March 17, 1973. In the lead is Stirm’s daughter Lorrie, 15, followed by son Robert, 14; daughter Cynthia, 11; wife Loretta and son Roger, 12. (AP Photo/Sal Veder).