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Anyone interested in bloodhounds can join the Finnish Bloodhound Association. The board approves all new members (membership fee must be paid before this). Membership fees are as follows: full member 25 Euros, supporting member  5 Euros (no vote, no bulletin). When the breeder of a litter pays the membership fees for all her/his new puppy owners simultaneously, the membership fee is 8 Euros.

In the club meetings, every full member aged 15 or older has a right to vote only by being present in the meeting (no proxies in use).

If you want to join the association, please contact the secretary. Contact information can be found under title "Association" -> "Representatives". Inform her your name, address and also whether you want to become a full member or a supporting member. This way you will receive the Vihi-bulletin to your home. NOTE, it is not enough if you just pay the membership fee unless you inform your name and address.