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Bloodhound has a few genetic problems. One of these, which is dangerous and often fatal, is bloat. Bloat is a typical condition for large, deep chested breeds. Every bloodhound owner should learn the symptoms of bloat, because if the dog bloats, it is of uttermost importance that he is taken to the veterinarian immediately. Bloat and torsion is very painful for the dog and often requires surgical care.

As with many other large breeds, joint problems are fairly common as well, both in hips and elbows. The correct feeding and exercise are important for a young, growing bloodhound for preventing the problems.

Another typical problem with this breed are the eye problems: mostly entropium (eylids turn inwards) and ectropium (eyelids turn outwards), and also a few cases of cherry eye have been diagnosed. There is also some epilepsy, allergies, skin problems, eye- and ear infections. Sad enough the bloodhound is not famous for longevity – average lifespan is 6-8 years. The most common reasons for death include bloat, accidents, owner problems and various types of cancer.