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As a house dog

Loose skin is the most characteristic feature of a bloodhound. It is especially prominent on the head and neck and creates an impression of a dog that has a couple of sizes too big coat. For sure, it is not difficult to fall in love with the charm of a bloodhound puppy. However, the small, cute puppy grows up to a big dog that is much more active than one could ever imagine. Like all big dogs, bloodhound develops slowly, both physically and especially mentally - a Bloodhound can be considered as an adult only at the age of 3-4 years. 

In temperament the bloodhound is very kind, gentle and emotional, but more than anything else, he is very stubborn. Stubbornness is one of the most important features that affects his phenomenal ability to follow trails. The stubborn breed requires a very determined and patient owner, who consistently and kindly guides his growing bloodhound with clear rules. Sometimes bloodhounds can be somewhat reserved towards strangers. Bloodhound is a pack dog. When he is kept as the only dog in the family, he might suffer from separation anxiety when the human family is away from home. As an adult, bloodhound is usually a dog that loves to sleep on the couch and seems lazy, but the picture changes completely when he gets out, and especially when he is trailing: he is enthusiastic and active.

When considering acquiring of a bloodhound, you should think very closely of all the pros and cons together with the whole family. The cute wrinkly puppy grows rapidly to an active dog of 40-60 kilos, who needs a lot of exercise and mental activation. Puppy training is a must for this breed. Bloodhound is a big, powerful dog, whose life is mostly directed by his nose. The best way to tire an active bloodhound is mantrailing. The breed was originally bred for tracking down large game and even nowadays many bloodhounds have a strong hunting instinct. Bloodhound walks with his nose on the ground, always and everywhere. Because the instinct to follow any trail is so strong, it is not recommended that bloodhounds were let off-leash.

Drooling, pulling on leash and destructive behaviour are some of the downsides of this breed. The bloodhound bark is more like howling. The sound at its best is a very impressive, hollow foghorn-like howl. Also, many bloodhounds snore loudly when sleeping.